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 Waha Festival, 18-21 july 2013, Romania

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Waha Festival, 18-21 july 2013, Romania Vide
PostSubject: Waha Festival, 18-21 july 2013, Romania   Waha Festival, 18-21 july 2013, Romania Icon_minitimeSun 9 Jun - 10:10

Waha Festival, 18-21 july 2013, Romania 385854_612287545467762_1258709356_n

Unda Association and Thrancians PRESENT:

Waha Festival - music & dance, arts & spectacles, alternative living: 18-21 july 2013, Batanii Mari, Covasna, Romania

Dear friends, we invite you to join us for the 2nd edition of Waha Festival. A year ago, when we created the vibration and launched the intention of this event, when we made the concept and imagined the structure of the festival, we were presenting: Waha means celebration, means manifestation, means vibration, means dancing, means cooperation, means sharing, means harmony, means love. Waha sounds joyful, tribal and resonant. Waha aims to be more than a party, but an expression of existence. A space where you can be who you really are, expand your consciousness and join the others in learning, working together and helping each other to raise our level of awareness. Probably each of who was present there lived unique sensations, but for all of us we believe and hope it was such a common experience. We have the opportunity to relive or to discover together Waha world this summer, under the Sun's warm and the Moon's brightness. Arrived in 2013, pass the much discussed and debated 2012 A.D., we continue the process of evolution which is permanent and goes beyond any date and number, we transform ourselves each moment, we change the way we feel, think, see and act every day. We'll try to recreate some magic while having a good time, a better time. We call in all free spirits and open minds, regardless of nationality, age, sex and rase to join this gathering.

The festival focuses on 3 main directions:
- music & dancing;
- arts & spectacles;
- alternative living.

▩ Music and dancing:

● We bring you 3 dedicated music stages, offering a wide variety of musical styles:
- psytrance stage: psychedelic, goa & progressive trance;
- alternative stage: live concerts, fusion, alternative, electronica, techno, jam sessions;
- chillout stage: ambient, downtempo, dub.

>>>>>>> The lineup is still under construction and the artists that will delight us will be presented as we go along. There are spots available at all 3 stages, if you want to be part of the festival contact us by email at with informations: name, liveact / DJ, location, links, etc, all you consider necessary. We are interested to know about you, but in the end the music will be the decisive factor in the choices we make. If what we hear fits the concept of the festival and our musical vision we will contact you back.

● "Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time" - Peter Townsend

"Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances." - Maya Angelou

▩ Arts and spectacles:

● Artists from Romania and Europe will offer, present and exhibit: land art, fine art, fire shows, performances, stage design, visuals, etc. More details will be announced as we advance. We are open to collaborations and want to gather with us people who think they have something to offer and transmit, so if you are interested in joining the group of artists and performers write to

▩ Alternative living:

● „Sharing Trust Society: The Experiment” aims to create the context for trying different forms and alternative ways of relating and living together, starting with the idea of an alternative society based on sharing. We propose the experimentation of a different socio-economic model of organization, where the current value system will be requestioned, gaining a new dimension in which the means of creative expression and the exchange of knowledge and services will be the basis of building this alternative society. We're expecting you as many and as involved as you can be.

● Healing zone: personal development and knowledge through workshops on various topics, techniques and methods for implementing alternative living and therapies, a space for mind, body and soul. Come Smile


More details and informations will be announced as we approach the days of the event. In the meantime for any matter regarding the festival please use the email adress


Official site:

Facebook page:

Facebook group:

Youtube channel:

Sharing Trust Society @ Waha Festival 2012:

Waha Festival 2012 photos:



Batanii Mari, Covasna, Romania

Photos with the location:



Tickets cost 35 euros until 1st of july and 50 euros at the gate. For abroad, payment is made through PayPal at If any questions write to for details.


Un bilet costa 150 lei pana la 1 iulie si 220 lei la poarta. Biletele se pot plati prin:

- Transfer bancar, iar pentru a intra la festival trebuie sa va prezentati la intrare cu ordinul de plata si actul de identitate. Aveti grija sa treceti corect numele si CNP-ul pe foaia de varsamant. In caz ca e nevoie la casierie sa specificati pentru ce sunt banii, desi nu e obligatoriu, scrieti "Bilet festival". Datele asociatiei sunt:
Asociatia UNDA
CUI: 31468320
Banca Transilvania

- De la ambasadorii Waha din unul din urmatoarele orase:
Bucuresti: Laura 0727 251 334
Cluj: Ovidiu 0729 697 848
Sibiu: Vio 0741 944 567
Constanta: Mona 0724 696 180
Brasov: Aliona 0727 563 216
Timisoara: Vio 0741 453 395
Braila si Galati: Mircea 0761 020 814



● Psytrance stage:

JUNO REACTOR *dj set* (UK)

Aodioiboa *live* (DE)

Atma *live* (RO)

Calamar Audio *live* (FI)

Dark Whisper *live* (IT/DE)

Eleusyn *live* (RO)

E-Mantra *live* (RO)

Kya *live* (DE)

Lyctum *live* (RS)

Melufantti *live* (FI)

Oxya *live* (GR)

Special Blend *live* (GR)

Suduaya *live* (FR)

TerraTech *live* (PT)

Therange Freak *live* (MK)

Pura (RS)

Ondrej Psyla (CZ)

Luki (IT)

Whiskey Baba (FI)

Manda (RS)

Nigel Photon (UK)

Trikoze (BG)

Johan (RS)

DJ Latam (RO)

DJane Roua (RO)

Barbaleku (RO)

Styx (RO/DE)

Trans Humantza (RO)

Lygos (RO)

Alphaspiral (RO)

+ more TBA


Psystage soundsystem: Funktion-One by 'Want-Sound?'


● Alternative stage:

Meltdown Mickey (UK)
Kenny Diezel (UK)
Akim Hash *live* (RO)
Aria Urbana *live* (RO)
Brum *live* (RO)
Brutus *live* (RO)
Casetofoane *live* (RO)
Dreamdoktor *live* (RO)
Karpov Not Kasparov *live* (RO)
Pericol *live* (RO)
Poetrip *live* (RO)
Polul Nord *live* (RO)
RazvansiArtan *live* (RO)
Rodion G.A. *live* (RO)
Shadowbox *live* (RO)
She's Dead *live* (RO)
Space Needle *live* (RO)
Tribal House Collective *live* (RO)
Alcalina (RO)
DJ Rolf (RO)
DJ Vasile (RO)
Dubase (RO)
Electroclown (RO)
Ellien (RO)
Jo.E (RO)
Kosta (RO)
Lektro (RO)
Ufe (RO)

+ more TBA

● Chillout stage:

Waterling *live* (DE)

Ancient Core *live* (RO)

Logical Elements *live* (RO)

Ziazin *live* (RO)

Oxya *live* (GR)

Suduaya *live* (FR)

Slowmozart & Laidbach (FI)
Matze (RO)
Ati (CL/RO)
Sistah RastahFairy (RO)
Overder (RO)
Serj (RO)
Cooper (RO)
Raman (RO)
Us (RO)
SaranankaraProject (RO)
Bufnitza Alba (RO)
Dan O (RO)
Subhuman (RO)
Martian Arts (RO)
Akim Hash (RO)
Dreamdoktor (RO)
Low Freaq (RO)
Decks (RO)
Electroclown (RO)

+ more TBA

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Waha Festival, 18-21 july 2013, Romania

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