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 VA ~ Soul Vibration#002 :: Liquid Records

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VA ~ Soul Vibration#002 :: Liquid Records Vide
PostSubject: VA ~ Soul Vibration#002 :: Liquid Records   VA ~ Soul Vibration#002 :: Liquid Records Icon_minitimeThu 10 Jul - 20:03

VA - Soul Vibration#002 CD

VA ~ Soul Vibration#002 :: Liquid Records Cover200

Release Date: OUT NOW !!!

Following hot on the heels of the UK label Liquid Record's smashing success of a downtempo compilation "Soul Vibration" is the much awaited sequel, "Soul Vibration#002"

In keeping with Liquid's tradition of eclectic genre fusion, "SV#002" contains a harmonious 10 tracks featuring some of the world's hottest new and proven acts in the downtempo sector. From Phutureprimitive to Nagual Sound Experiment to Slackbaba, This collection of Liquid's most stellar talent is sure to please the senses and slide you into that special spring groove.This album doubtlessly lives up to the high standards of the label and its impressive lineup of musical talent. Each track showcases nicely the divergent sounds of each of these artists. From the indoor urban clubs to chillout spaces in the middle of the wilds, once again Liquid puts a little something for every environment into this tracklist, as any great compilation should be. Give this album a listen to see what all the buzz is about.


1. Terrey Davey - Karin
2. System 7 - Kupuri (Mirror System Remix)
3. Slackbaba - Tsentak
4. Nagual Sound Experiment - Completely Sideways
5. Mood Deluxe - Mercury Rising
6. Organismic - On The Air (Original Mix)
7. Capsula - Golden Orb
8. Phutureprimitive - Innerverse
9. Zubzub - Inner Marine
10. Terrey Davey - Liquid Soul

Track by Track

Terrey Davey - Karin
A folksy acoustic guitar intro makes for an unexpectedly enjoyable beginning to this diverse chilled out odyssey of an album. So sit back, open your mind and float away on clouds of smile-provoking guitar chords.

System 7 - Kupuri (Mirror System Remix)
The intro track eases gently into an electro-acoustic blend of guitar harmonics, world beat drum arrangements and vocals, and warm, thick basslines. Minimalistic and benevolent, System 7 keeps the atmosphere light and spacious... sixteenth-note synth backgrounds get your brain waves in sync while the drum and bass progresses subtly and smoothly. Very chilled out and easy on the ears.

Slackbaba - Tsentak
Slackbaba definitely pushes the envelope of his Eastern-influenced, abstract dub style with this third addition. intricate sound patterns flit from left to right, expanding the boundaries of the sound while chopped-up, delay-touched filtering over electric piano adds a smooth, bluesy feel. The drumlines are simply great and never stay the same... you'll keep looking around for an invisible drummer you'd swear is sitting right next to you, playing along.

Nagual Sound Experiment - Completely Sideways
Nagual Sound Experiment, the side project of Brighton's Mood Deluxe, takes a stride away from his normally more "urban" sound to deliver a dubbed-out, locally grown musical piece heavy on triplet syncopation and psychedelic guitar. The name of this one fits so well because the masterful beat arrangement gives the music a very lopsided feel, albeit still very danceable. This piece highlight's well Cameron's expansive musical potential... check it out.

Mood Deluxe - Mercury Rising
Cameron follows up his downtempo alterego with a lofty epic of a breakbeat track combining the worlds of two-step with old-school melodic goa flavor. The bass is warm, thick and slippery and your feet are sure to glide right across it on the dancefloor! The trippy eastern female vocals add an emotive spice to the audio ether. There are so many noises that simply tickle the neurons in this one, and some insanely good percussive breakdowns midway... if "Mercury" can't get you moving, nothing will.

Organismic - On The Air (Original Mix)
The first track in the second half of this innovative compilation is a saga of a track... a safari that is a change of flavor to what came before. At times haunting and acid-etched, others retro and ethno-centric, "On The Air" has as much ebb and flow as the Mississippi River. The drums are well-filtered and pop at you in a front-to-back sort of way you simpl don't hear in more two-dimensional tracks. This piece is ten minutes very well spent.

Capsula - Golden Orb
Further down the spiral, "Golden Orb" by Capsula is the sort of track born to be played loudly, from deep within a mountain wilderness grove. Heady guitar, filtered trance melodies make the "meat" of this one... From the lows of the bass and kicks to the highest of the hats and echoed synth squelches, this track has a great buildup in intensity from beginning to end. This "Orb" will find its way into many an outdoor event this coming season.

Phutureprimitive - Innerverse
Open your mind to the unorthodox when this track starts playing... Phutureprimitive follows every musical tradition and none with this piece. Expect non-standard note timings that arrest your attention and force you into the details. The basslines are great, changing keys on you every so often while drum beats bounce about all around you. Spacey pads dissasociate you from your norms... and if you listen closely enough, you'll find that what's between the notes is just as pleasing as the notes themselves.

Zubzub - Inner Marine
Zubzub of the legendary Ozric Tentacles delivers a cloudy dubtrance track rife with harmonic synth pad resonance and retro old school spirals reminiscent of childhood science shows on television. Flutes from both the Old and New Worlds dance along with staccato electronic rhythms along a substrata of elastic basslines, causing an atmosphere of musical convergence created by a longtime veteran of electo-acoustic live music.

Terrey Davey - Liquid Soul
Davey's outro of feartfelt classical guitar brings this outstanding compilation around full circle and leaves you in a sense of contented spiritual relaxation. Davey's guitar art is intuitive and wholesome... the minds of Liquid were ingenious to have him begin and end their newest comp this way... by the ond of this CD you'll find yourself back where you started, and feeling a little wiser for your trip.

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Direct from Liquid Records

Saiko Sounds

Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | | |

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VA ~ Soul Vibration#002 :: Liquid Records

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