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 REON - Movement (67 Rec)

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

REON - Movement (67 Rec) Vide
PostSubject: REON - Movement (67 Rec)   REON - Movement (67 Rec) Icon_minitimeThu 3 Jul - 11:59

Reon ~ Movement

REON - Movement (67 Rec) Cover200

Release date: 07 July 2008

With over a decade and a half's worth of experience roaming the world as a psy-trance DJ as well as producing his own sounds for equally as long, Reon is one of those artists who exists beyond classifications and is truly on his own level. From London to Cape Town to Melbourne to the Ajuna beaches, Reon's music reflects his extensive career, with a unique sound that has been evolving along its own trees since a time before electronic genres began to be classified and quantized. Currently owner of Sweden-based 67Rec Projects, Reon's fourth album, "Movement", is close to being released amid much ado and eager anticipation as a pivotal release in the life's work of this dedicated and industrious artist.


[*]1. Phinal Enigma
[*]2. Total Confusion
[*]3. Wishful Thinking
[*]4. White Fluff
[*]5. Svartalfheimr
[*]6. Reverse Engineering
[*]7. Altlandis
[*]8. Dandelion Seeds
[*]9. The Nowhere Man

Track by Track

Phinal Enigma
Resonant harmonic collusions of sound forebear a twisted, thumping tale of thick grooves clashing dynamically with grating, grinding synth bass and rolling melodies. Heavy duty percussion and corrosive saw waves slice through your cerebrum and surrender you to its thrall. Each sound is eerily rich, with a duality of light and dark rolling moods.

Total Confusion
A ramped-up tempo and a meaty, in-your-face bass greet you amidst nighttime atmospheres of feral synth squishes and squirts. Spontaneous changes in the lower frequencies warp the mood subtly yet perceptibly. The influences of the Anjuna beaches can be heard here, and crisp drum work and melodies keep this one fresh throughout the rotations.

Wishful Thinking
Reon takes us on a tour towards the dark side, and "Wishful" does not fall short... malevolent, full-on layers collide chaotically and whip up the dance floor into a feeding frenzy of trance energy, perfect for peak hour summertime mayhem. Freaky dissonance recall visions of scary dolls and vulnerable childhood frights and pummel the ego into mental mush

White Fluff
This ever-evolving musical masterpiece leaves little to be desired, save for wishes for more where this one comes from by the time the last kick fades out. No two loops stay the same for more than a couple of measures, and silky pads and effects caress against acid-drenched stabs in gracious dynamic duality of cyclical sonic energies.

A deeply rich bass undercurrent is accented mainly by enigmatic percussive breakdowns. Plenty of cornucopiac lo-fi blips cascade from above according to unique accentuations. The percussion section is smooth and stellar throughout this track, whose two very different halves coalesce into a winding journey through the unexpected.

Reverse Engineering
Reon combines talents with Teknob in this original work which stands alone in a world of excessive genre classification. Deep, tribal, and organic, the housey beat chugs along lazily beneath currents of acid sweeps, glitchy stabs and dissonant melody. Reverse Engineering is music on its own level, as easy to enjoy as it is difficult to categorize

This ancient anthem of a place before time summons primordial pockets of energetic ooze. These slippery, slimy beats glide through the dance space beings from digital dimensions. From the low rumbling bass to the high resonance of sonar communications, "Altlandis" awakens animalistic urges and out-of-body spatial dance perceptions

Dandelion Seeds
Another example of Reon's shining versatility, "Seeds" has a killer groove with winding, nomadic trance arpeggio progressions which, quite thankfully are utterly devoid of any cheese. Minimalistic in nature, yet with every sound clean and clear, this track doesn't pass up on a single moment of high psychedelia, a real pick-me-up for sunrise second winds

The Nowhere Man
This track finalizes this album of superior sonic quality, technicality, and innovation with all the flair and pinache of a grand finale. Reon certainly doesn't slack off on his sound production diligence here. Diesel-powered bass beats, sharp stabs, and anthemic melodies all arranged and masterfully reworked to wind the tension up like a knot rope.

Worldwide distribution by:

Saikosounds | |
Wirikuta | |

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Number of posts : 26

DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

REON - Movement (67 Rec) Vide
PostSubject: Re: REON - Movement (67 Rec)   REON - Movement (67 Rec) Icon_minitimeMon 7 Jul - 20:37


And available at these online shops:

Saikosounds :

Wirikuta :;jsessionid=AFIMKMPGHJJA?showDetail=199889

Beatspace :
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REON - Movement (67 Rec)

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