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 Human ~ Mystical Encounter : Fiin Records

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Human ~ Mystical Encounter : Fiin Records Vide
PostSubject: Human ~ Mystical Encounter : Fiin Records   Human ~ Mystical Encounter : Fiin Records Icon_minitimeWed 9 Apr - 19:55

Human ~ Mystical Encounter

Human ~ Mystical Encounter : Fiin Records Cover200

Release date: 9th April 2008

There are oodles of independent record labels out and about nowadays, many of them little more than vehicles for solo artists to promote themselves, but few of them take the time to express their intent and vision of musical evolution as earnestly and forthcomingly as Human of Switzerland's Fiin Records. Human has long been known in his community as an artist that can express himself through multitudes of musical styles, and it becomes readily apparent in his latest album, "Mystical Encounter". A collection of ten tracks each tell a story of emotion and bring you face to face with what it means to be what, and who, we are. "Mystical Encounter" is a nebulous amalgam of backgrounds, sounds, and influences sewn together by the style of one of the electronic genre's most versatile budding virtuosos, Human.


Track by Track

Mystical Encounter
Eerie Autumn nighttime thunderstorms and lilting, Draculesque minor keys usher us into a haunting environment of digital castle labyrinths. Synths duel effected harpsichords atop a funky hip-hop beat. Human gives the "retro" sound a whole new meaning, borrowing from multiple pasts and sprinkling in a few cutting-edge wavelengths in just the right places.

Sunday Morning
This track is a meaty, minimalistic triplet's based stomper that is jovial and catchy. The acid rhythms aren't too hard, with the whole being solidly musical and melodic. Vintage sawtooths, analog stings, and gossamer pads lift you up with peaceful feelings of love. An all around enjoyable track, fast enough for the dancefloor and easy enough for lazy listening.

Mystical Spaziergang
Spooky synth strings herald apparitional atmospheres leading into the onset of an antediluvian arrangement of kicks, bass, and low, warm frequencies. Atavistic, corrosive saws tickle your feet into motion. Amorphous bass pulsates throughout the sound spectrum as eerie organs enunciate their orchestration. This is a dark hearted pleaser for your shadowy side.

"Kim" picks up the pace and brings in a smooth, groovy bass and tops it off with all manner of gated scale arpeggios. The layers pile on for some nice tension and release moments while the percussion expounds upon itself. Constantly changing melodies and an excellent drum solo make a great breakdown before taking the sound to a higher summit.

A Trip To Russia
Human's rendition of an ingrained electronica classic gives the piece a refreshing makeover. This artist definitely shows his musical prowess and intuition by improvising upon the melody as the track morphs from an old familiar classic into something different, a bittersweet four on the floor stomper filled with sonic dualities of power, grace, and many others.

Off-kilter, syncopated breaksy bassbeats inaugurate a session of electronic assonance. Smooth, crisp bass glide you along a funhouse of tuneful rhythm and melody, inspiring tensively conflicting feelings of discordance and well-being. Tear-jerking moments on the piano and rhapsodic arrangements adhere to your ear with an uncanny congeniality.

Back To Humanity
Dueling piano chords ride along a chunky analog bassline refereed by a Gypsy violinist. Simplistic synth waves stand out against cacophonic, heavily effected speeches expressing a gamut of humanistic aspects. Between the variety of samples and the intricate synth layers allow this track to define its given name with all due appropriateness.

The Melody
Uptempo and outdoorsy, "The Melody" is fuelled up by furious tribal drum patter and an energetic bassbeat. Metallic sweeps and other industrial sounds add to the mechanical feel of the early stages of the piece. However it's after the breakdown that the sounds really pick up and branch out emotively, playing off each other, pushing the mood further.

This track is a true inspirer of joyous tears of admiration and realization. A great one for sunrise second winds, the musicality of this one lends itself well to the audio pick-me-up. Growing on you at an audible pace, the harder edged elements compliment the anthemy, gentler sonic aspects, all to a minimalistic beat that doesn't cease to bore.

The Seeker Shall Find
Human's album ends with all the flair of a symphonic grand finale, transporting your mind to imaginative realms of high epic fantasy in a musical composition that defies genre classification in its conglomerational mish-mash of styles and influences that really works.

Exclusive worldwide distribution through Wirikuta | | |

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Direct from Fiin Records.

Saiko Sounds.

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Human ~ Mystical Encounter : Fiin Records

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