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 Dejavoo ~ Future Shock : Transient Records

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Dejavoo ~ Future Shock : Transient Records Vide
PostSubject: Dejavoo ~ Future Shock : Transient Records   Dejavoo ~ Future Shock : Transient Records Icon_minitimeFri 4 Apr - 21:09

Dejavoo ~ Future Shock

Dejavoo ~ Future Shock : Transient Records Cover200

Release date: 4th April 2008

FUTURE SHOCK, The Debut album from Dejavoo, Transient’s latest signing. Spawned from the deepest London underground, Khristian Vinales and Francesco Mura have exploded on to the global scene with huge dance floor killers.

Focusing on a techier groove and powerful riffs the boys are now becoming international ambassadors for the newest London sound. Once again the world turns back to London to find why the hottest freshest acts are now emerging from the ashes of the long lost hero’s of the 90’s.

This album is set to turn the focus from Israel back to the white cliffs and down into the sweaty clubs of Brixton and Shoreditch. If you havn’t heard the sound of Dejavoo yet, you certainly will have by the end of summer. Enjoy.


Track by Track

High-octane bassbeats and catchy, classy synth hits drive the meat of this track. With plenty of digital springs and atmospheric pads keep the energy building, "Waiting" doesn't keep you waiting for long. Plenty of tension and release amongst the many breakdowns, buildups and vocal manipulations, topped with writhing melodic gravy.

Loud And Nasty
This is one trance track with a bite. A high energy tempo winds the clock tight for a heavy diesel bassline layered underneath a matrix of gritty pads, steadily building blues-tronica melodies and masterfully filtered and phased highs and snares. This is great early peak hour music for when the dancefloor tension really begins to get palpable.

Expounding on the vibratory moods of its forerunner, "Cyclone is overflowing with intense drum segments and acidic digital squelchwork. There's massive buildup work done to the audio here, and the flow is superbly engineered. A short breather moment in the middle launches you into a thumping full on psy-trance-breaks corkscrew of sound.

Robotic voices whisper through interdimensional sonic gateways as numerically encoded watts of waveforms wind up your mind tighter than a whole night of noncorporeal arboreal stimuli. The short yet sonically rich breakdown does wonders for mood changing and science-fictional aberrational amplitude. This track is a sure-fire wiggle inspirer.

Screaming People
This techy trance track has more than one touch of spooky horror slipped subliminally into a bouncy groove with plenty of disco-jazz synth hits amid a morphing, hilly bass. A powerful, sweeping melody fades in and out and travels about, taking you places on both physical and mental dancefloors, with a clever percussive breakdown making it even better.

A Story
This track develops itself slightly more subtly, however with each layer noticeably crisp and clean without a hint of muddiness to be heard. Arpeggiated synth melodies navigate through spectrums of filtration while the bass and percussion play off each other to create plenty of buildups and drops, keeping each element fresh and malleable.

Future Shock
Taking the music on a deeper, more tribally progressive turn, Dejavoo couples groovy percussive licks with cloudy synth pad strata and a heaving bassline as bouncy as a trampoline. A slightly more relaxed tempo creates plenty of sonic space to enjoy each atmospheric layer and neatly gated rhythm. "Shock" has plenty of pulsating dance flavour.

The Preacher
Retouching on this album's major motif of killer peak hour trance tunes, "Preacher" hallmarks subliminally eerie warblings and inimical, supernatural rhythms to create moods of uneasiness and distension. Added at the right time into a playlist may induce mass feelings of religious epiphanies by the astute listener delivered by a most unorthodox reverend.

This final track of Dejavoo's latest album allows for no sense of fatigue or laziness. This electronic sonic motivator provides just what you need to get that second wind into you and propel your feet across your dance place. Key changes amid wet, slippery synthesized squishiness from bass to melody hold the audience in collective trance unison.

Online Shops

Available for Digital download the first 2 weeks following release exclusively on | |

Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | | |

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Dejavoo ~ Future Shock : Transient Records

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