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 E.P. Corrosive Brain - Corrorsive Therapy OUT NOW!!!

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: E.P. Corrosive Brain - Corrorsive Therapy OUT NOW!!!   Thu 4 Jun - 6:54

Artist: Corrosive Brain
Title: Corrosive Therapy EP
Release Date: May 29th, 2009
Catalog: SER004
Mastering: Extreme Forces
Release Text: Axis Mundi

01 | Corrosive Brain - So You Choose Me | 7.20 | 155 BPM
02 | Corrosive Brain - Bad Times will come here | 7.36 | 160 BPM
03 | Corrosive Brain - What is the Reality | 8.34 | 160 BPM
04 | Corrosive Brain - Maybe you remember who are you | 7.45 | 160 BPM

Corrosive Brain is Hugo Peres, of Portugal has spent most of the past decade completely immersed in his love of the music. From his early days of DJing and mixing tracks in and around Iberia to the present day as a liveact and producer, Hugo's style has evolved into an unforgiving blend of psychedelic insinuations with a touch of rhythm and funk mayhem along with introspective thematic suggestions. In 2007, Hugo started his production act which has helped evolve his style into something even further advanced and no less personal. After releasing some of his music on various compilations, Corrosive Brain is ready with his latest EP, Corrosive Therapy, to be released on German label Scared Evil Records.

So You Choose Me

Concussive panoramic twists of hair-raising scenes hearken an introduction of pulse-grinding bassbeats and resonant, mix-cutting leads. Rhythms both fast and slow combine into an in-your-face soundscape that takes hold and doesn't let go. The atmospheres change plentifully, with fully rounded sections of aggressive saw arpeggios contrasted by atmospheric pads and sample environments.

Bad Times will come here

Contemplative ethereal musings, perception-bending digitalism, and unrelenting bassbeats build up into high-vibration energy. The layers continue to flow in, from squishy static gates to filter-surfing, glassy sweeps. The drums do their work and go out of their way to mix things up fresh time and time again, throwing you back into chaos the moment order and expectation begin to take hold.

What is the Reality

A track of apocalyptic proportions, the Brain's violent impulses spill out and into the audio realm. The sounds range from sharp to bubbly and asymmetric, with clear bass and percussion holding the entire soup together. Excellent work is done in rearrangements into new textures, altogether sure to keep the dancefloor pumping. Prepare yourself for the psychedelic storm on the sonic horizon.

Maybe you remember who are you

Wave after wave of ego crushing sound cascades into intensity building patterns. Clear drums inthe high end, rolling bass in the low end, and a middle frequency range chock full of acid drenched goodies spirit your thoughts away as your feet sieze the dancefloor. A very clever breakdown opens the door for altered musical moods and new slopes of ever-building insanity.


All track written and produced by: Hugo Peres aka Corrosive Brain @ Psyence Studios, Austria.
Mastered by: Silent Enemy @ Extreme Forces Studio, Brazil.
Digital Distribution: DistElectronic.

Buy it as a digital download from (FLAC)
DistElectronic (FLAC)
DistElectronic (mp3)

Also available at:
Armada Download (mp3)
AudioJelly (mp3)
BeatsDigital (wav/mp3)
Cytopia (wav/mp3)
Digital Deejay (mp3)
DownloadPlatform (FLAC/mp3)
Etopia Music (mp3)
Judge Music (mp3)
Juno Download (FLAC/wav/mp3)
M8 Download (mp3)
MusicZeit (FLAC/mp3)
PsyMP3 (mp3)
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E.P. Corrosive Brain - Corrorsive Therapy OUT NOW!!!

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