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 Sulima - Time Shift (Blitz Studios)

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Sulima - Time Shift (Blitz Studios)   Mon 9 Feb - 19:35

Sulima ~ 'Time Shift' :: Blitz Studios :: Releases 27 February, 2009

Russia has been the source of some of the world's most moving and grooving influences in the psychedelic trance genre for the last few years. Riding the crest of this relentless wave of dance floor-shaking sounds is Blitz Studios. Since its inception, Blitz and its artistic director DJ Dharma Kaya have been tirelessly busy, innovative and very effective in churning out ever new and killer sounds. Blitz has been the mother to the globally acclaimed release "Vostok 1" which is still receiving regular rotation in DJ sets and playlists worldwide today.

Enter Blitz's latest and by no means least release, "Time Shift". Headlined by Moscow's infamous psy-trance project Sulima (from the world renowned "Manifold" duo), this album features seven of Eastern Europe's most influential and sought after producers who all have put their energy into producing one of the genre's most anticipated releases of 2009. From Blisargon Demogorgon to Fungus Funk, from Hysteria to Strofaria, "Time Shift"; is a collection of ten tracks comprised of so much talent, ingenuity and transcendence that even the Motherland itself cannot contain. Mastered by the legendary Artifakt, this meaty blend of top notch Russian and Slavic psytrance is on a world scale, with each and every track made to be enjoyed within a myriad of times and situations. As good as this album is, the cherry on this sundae is that this work is only a foreshadowing of the profound musical mastership that Sulima and friends will be bringing to the world table in the very near future times to come. This excellent dance floor oriented psychedelic music speaks for itself!

Click below for samples:

1. Sulima - Time Shift

2. Sulima vs Pantomiman - Sci-Fi Thriller

3. Sulima - Alpha Colony

4. Sulima vs Strofaria - City 17

5. Sulima - Space Monkey Freaks

6. Sulima vs Fungus Funk - Fantasy Lab

7. Sulima - Infinity Particle

8. Sulima vs Hysteria - Data Processing Tower

9. Sulima - Reanimation

10. Sulima vs Blisargon Demogorgon - Parallel Cube

Track by track:

Sulima - Time Shift
The flagship track says it all for Sulima's superb new album. Aggressive bass elements and meticulously modulated rhythms pan the stereo spectrum, giving depth and dimension to this otherworldly soundscape. Relentless rhythms of undulating digitalism are punctuated by moments of graceful sweeps, making perfect breathing spaces before each onslaught of crisp, heavy trance madness.

Sulima vs Pantomiman - Sci-Fi Thriller
This stomper of a track has a flavor of its own. Sultry pad harmonies and croaking resonant synths provide an interstellar space agent with total feel to the music, and the edgy, distorted sounds add plenty of sinister compliments to the punchy bass beat underneath. Warbling effects and spiralling tweets and twerps validate the track's name with retro alien effects sure to cause nostalgic flashbacks.

Sulima - Alpha Colony
This opener track is perfectly placed in the lineup for its role. An odyssean build-up of an intro paves the way for thumping bass beats and surgically sliced psychedelic riffs. Powerful leads and haunting pads twist the tension increasingly tighter as the layers of sound all team up to create an emotive, pulsating tidal wave of dance-provoking sound.

Sulima vs Strofaria - City 17
This track to Sulima's diverse and amazing album does not go down without a bloody fight. Full power leads and thumping, in-your-face bass are a few of the elements of an extra dimensional alien journey containing more psychedelic sounds than you can shake a gravity gun at. The intricate splicings of sound and skillfully tight composition expertise make "City 17" versus Strofaria a track with an appropriately long half-life given the caliber of its producers.

Sulima - Space Monkey Freaks
Sulima manipulates these synth sounds with the pneumatic skill and grace of a taffy pulling machine. Elastic, resonant rhythms collide amongst tightly arranged percussion with all of the frenzy of a pinball game set on permanent fast-forward. Arjuna-influenced harmonic melody clashes against sinister saw leads with expert dynamic artistry perfect for full moon trance-out sessions.

Sulima vs Fungus Funk - Fantasy Lab
Sulima teams up with globally acclaimed Fungus Funk to produce a stellar arrangement of tunes sent to set your soul on skyrocket mode. Pitch riding leads and abrasive rhythms conspire to cause serious dance floor hot-footing. Prepare yourself for a round-trip ticket to a far away nebula as grungy synth riffs and melodic leads propel you into higher states of ego-crushing awareness.

Sulima - Infinity Particle
No energy is lost in the introduction of this piece. Melodic pads and sweeps paint a mysterious picture of sonic undulations resonating with Eastern influences, cutting-edge modulations and arrangement know-how. Rife with tension and release sequences built to keep a dance floor in motion, "Particle" delivers sounds that old enthusiasts and newer trance fans can dig right into with equal enthusiasm.

Sulima vs Hysteria - Data Processing Tower
Hysteria should need no introduction, as the strength of his former musical works speak quite strongly for this project already, and when teamed with Sulima's talent and genius, one can expect nothing less than grinding bass, ping-ponging rhythms and enough effects to send your neurons into information overload. Brilliant drum contortions, humorous samples and more bassline than in a professional basketball team assures that "Data" stays fresh and moist throughout many rotations.

Sulima - Reanimation
Things take a turn towards the darker, more twisted side of trance music with ́Reanimatioń. The listener is greeted at once with layer after layer of thick, chunky leads. Each sound is subtly placed in all the right spots to keep the mood fresh and changing, with just the right blends of expectation and hair-raising confusion to provide for maximum sonic satisfaction.

Sulima vs Blisargon Demogorgon - Parallel Cube
This collaboration with dark trance master Blisargon Demogorgon provides a rich alternative element to this diverse album. Touches of Gothic malevolence spread through the dance space with an eerily comfortable added layer of shadowy goodness. Your feet will literally get a kick out of this track and your psychedelic voyage will be a stylishly misty one. One can only hope that this will not be the last collaboration of these two master music manipulators.

Blitz Studios
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Sulima Myspace
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Worldwide Distribution through Arabesque
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Number of posts : 29

DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: OUT NOW! Sulima - Time Shift (Blitz Studios)   Fri 27 Feb - 16:29

'Time Shift' is available at the following stores:

Also visit the following for more information on the artists and label:
Blitz webpage
Blitz MySpace
Manifold MySpace
Sulima myspace (under construction)
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Sulima - Time Shift (Blitz Studios)

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