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 Goatika - "Levitation" OUT NOW!!!

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Goatika - "Levitation" OUT NOW!!! Vide
PostSubject: Goatika - "Levitation" OUT NOW!!!   Goatika - "Levitation" OUT NOW!!! Icon_minitimeSun 27 Dec - 17:08

Goatika ~ Levitation :: Goatika Creative Lab

Goatika - "Levitation" OUT NOW!!! Cover200

Release date: 4th December 2009

Hailing from Russia, the music collective Goatika Creative Lab has been making tidal waves of headway in their area. Focusing on inspirational, intuitive, innovative, improvisational productions and performances, Goatika’s artists have a greatly positive time working together, and their music shows. Their latest release, “Levitation” is nothing short of a perfect example of this philosophy. Nine genre-bending tracks draw from influences and talent, both inner and outer, into a unique blend of musical culture and style which will be sure to turn heads for a long time to come.

Goatika Creative Lab is a community of musicians from Russia and all over the world. Their creative projects focus on music ranging from improvisational, meditative, psychedelic, authentic Indian, and modern trans-culture. The project arose from the aspiration to share dialogue, friendship, and creativity between humans. It has no boundaries, but exists to combine musical styles from all over the world.

The Lab's lineup differs with each performance, varying the mood and style of each show since each participant brings something unique to the sound. All Goatika musicians strive to use the creative process to create a sound that is not so much a noise as a living, breathing, musical pulse.

The producer and inspirational force behind the project is Pavel Mikhailuk. Many other Russian and foreign musicians have taken part in the work of Creative Lab, including Artem Yakushenko, Arcady Marto, Sergey Kalachev, Sergey Klevensky, Boris Nazarov, Vladimir Kachanovsky, Joseph Bubrowski, Tony Levin, Kai Eckhardt, George Brooks, and Pete Lockett.


1. Ajuna
2. Animal Planet
3. Check Us In
4. Angel
5. Homm
6. Sunday
7. Breezing
8. Air
9. Ocean Of Joy


Soft pads, riffs and guitar licks coalesce into a groovy four-on-the-floor stomper. Touches of jazz intermix with copious amounts of tribal percussion into a blend rich with culture and flavor. Warbling strings, filtered leads, and harmonic vocals take the track a step further, building up into a high plateau for the dance floor.

Animal Planet
Expressive didgeridoo and short synth rhythms glue together a sonic web of wailing guitar and drum laden organic bass and breaks. Warm analog cutoffs pair off with masterful string melody, with vocal patterns topping off this jamming sundae of sound which seems to bring with it a warm beach breeze of summer.

Check Us In
This third track takes a trip down a darker, funkier, edgier path. Warm analog bass forms the undercurrent for crisply attenuated percussion presented in lurching patterns. Layer upon layer of synth does well to build the mood for the tension-releasing lead guitar solo, ending in hair-raisingly good mish-mashes of beat and voice.

Appropriately named, this track introduces itself upon dreamy, gossamer digital pluck work. Reverbed female singing adds lofty upwards dimension to the sound, along with minimal percussion and full, foggy pads to round out the sound’s bottom end. The overall progression of sound leaves you relaxed and mentally floating by the end.

Mean riff-picking action makes a superb analog contrast to the equally rough-edged digital screaming. A short breakdown of twisted, mouthy sounds bursts into a frantic lead solo to the tune of rhythmic synthesizer loop progressions. The bass beat and snare are especially gripping, progressing into an end time changeup of sounds.

Offering pleasant respite from its predecessor, “Sunday” is like a child’s lullaby of fantasy, painting panoramic soundscapes of gossamer environments. The ensuing arrangement of glitchy, urban-tinged percussion comes just as unexpectedly. Before long, all elements collide and mesh surprisingly well and dynamically in their contrast.

Complex table playing is the mainstay of this track’s percussion section. Backdrops of chanting curtain a full, clean synth lead with just the right amount of resonance, portamento and reverb. Abstract, worldly rhythms, from strings, to saxophone, to bass, build upon and play off each other in tension twisting segments of build and release.

Wonderful effects pepper various layers of squishy synth, hard-filtered lead and mind-arresting progressions of pitch-bent mouth harp. The bass beat is the meat and potatoes of the track, and its intensity or absence sends your psyche into vastly different directions. It all comes back together, gradually and with loads of sound immersion.

Ocean Of Joy
This album’s outro is an odyssey exploring all manner of the outer worlds of sound. Elements of saxophone, didgeridoo, guitar, synthesizer and plenty more work their subtle parts, and the result feels very inspirational, improvisational, and alive. This track could be one of the most innovative and unique ensemble heard in quite a while.Stay tuned at the end, however as this track morphs into a hidden delight....
This self-titled track awaits in the form of an ambient excursion into the more ethereal states of perception showcasing Goatika’s diverse talent and vision.

Worldwide Distribution through Arabesque | |

Digital Distribution through Aboriginal Recordings | |

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Goatika - "Levitation" OUT NOW!!!

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