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 Tales from Space Episode II @ Vario Club

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

Tales from Space Episode II @ Vario Club Vide
PostSubject: Tales from Space Episode II @ Vario Club   Tales from Space Episode II @ Vario Club Icon_minitimeTue 19 Feb - 18:01

sunny Space Nomads present: sunny

Psytrance floor

Live Act’s

Shiva Jörg D
Shiva Space Japan

Shiva Joerg is a Psytrance DJ from the very beginning.
He played his first parties in Goa and Hampi, the old capital of India, in 1989. Joerg had his own spiritual experience through the unlimited power and possibilities of Trancemusic and found his purpose in this life and cosmos! Since then he and friends went regularly the long to India way overland . He brought soundsystems from Germany and took them on busses and trucks and travelled overland from Germany to India. On the way he made various parties, for example in the desert of Iran ,Nepal , and mindblowing parties in GOA/Hampi/India, which are still remaining in the memory and the heart of many freaks and Trance lovers.
After the early DJ days Shiva Joerg founded the legendary "SHIVA SPACE TECHNOLOGY" record label in Germany in 1997 with his old trance companion, "Andy Shiva" (LEMURIANS, Germany). Under the Shiva Space Technology label, an excellent musician "Erez Izen" (Infected Mushroom, Israel) joined the label under the name ..Shidapu.. and in collaboration with Joerg ,under the name ..Shiva Shidapu.. with his original style and energy .Also Shiva Space Technology released the first tracks of Yahel, Infected Mushroom , Cosma, and many more. With combined productions Shiva Joerg exceeded the traditional framework of Psy-trance, Deep Ambient, and Progressive and continues to transform electronic music and Goa trance today. Jörg is one of the scenes biggest artist
and we are happy to welcome him in Switzerland.
He will defiantly rock the dancefloor!!!

...1st time in switzerland...
Bubble ISR
Mushy records

Bubble - Karen Bagdasarov (25) and Guy Sarnat (24) are two veteran musicians from the local Israeli jazz and electro scene .
The duo met in SNS-records studio in 2004 and since then they are producing all kinds of music.Guy the youngest between the two , got into trance at age of 15. He started making music in his home studio : (at first I have discovered the happiness of creating electronic sounds at age 15, I have tried creation using groove box . Soon I have started to use computers) Karen started his musical career at the age of 5 starting out by learning to play the sax . Soon the art of composition lead him to perform within a jazz soloist.
As Karen have grown up, so did his musical passion, and at the age of 21 he discovered electronic music channeling his musical energies into the art of Jazz.
During the following 2 years he was invited to perform in lot of famous local clubs receiving great feedback for his talent .His passion for all kind of music, brings Karen to produce several tracks in several styles, so teaming up with Guy.The debut album by Bubble called Airless received greatfeedbacks all over the globe.

Brainwash PT
Space Nomads / shiva space japan / sound species / Happy Minds

Marco aka Brinwash started his journey in the psychedelic scene as a DJ in 2000.3 Years later he began producing his own music. His sound is fullpower pychadelic trance with dark influences and massive effects...He is able to make the dancefloor jump with his powerful tracks, that are being edited by Shiva Space Japan the lable that are producing his first album...keep looking. He is also presenting us his latest tracks.


Shiva jörg
Shiva Space Japan

Nygma vs Pinch CH
Frakasound records

Magic Mind vs Globetrekker PT
Space nomads

Garfield vs Sokrates CH
Logi records

Mahakala vs Digital Mind X.plorer D
Space Nomads / Cosmic circle

Celaphin vs Visual Space Access D
ActiveNeoPsy records

Bahia CH
Space Nomads

Progressive floor

Live Act’s

Bluetunes rec.

Next is the new groovy psy-progressive project by Chris Merki aka Midimal and Mike Vollenweider Aka Dancing Devil. The music is best described as slow, dirty slick Mind thrusts, twitching & switching each and everything that stands in its way. Their first track “Unplucked”, recently released on Reflection Vol.2 (Blue Tunes Rec.), gained instant recognition on global dance floors, spurting a hot-shot of what is to cum Next. Let’s Play.

Frechbaxx D
Ajana records

Frechbax is a progressive trance project of Sebastian Auer from Germany. After visiting psytrance parties for some time he found the way to producing his own music in 2001 and one year later he had his first live acts in small underground parties in South-Germany and Switzerland. He produced a lot of tracks since than and soon developped his unique sound consisting of progressive beats and psychedelic melodies. His debut album "Frech" was released in 2005 on Ajana Records, a sublabel of Trishula Records.

Insane Creation CH
Ear peak rec / Domo rec.

Dave Walitza, born 1976 on earth. InsaneCreation, my artist name, describes in a way the style of sound i make. I have discovered the psy-trance scene 1992, and soon i started to mix in a dj-team called Shizo-Halluzi. After a few years we splitted up and i took a step back from the scene. In 2000 i discovered producing my own music and with my first release in 2002, the project called insaneCreation was born. After a few CD-compilation's and 12" vinyl's on various labels, i was ready to launch my debut album "connected" on Domo-Records in Nov 05. For more info visit my website 2 years later, my 2nd. Album "FileStyle" has been released now (Dez. 2007) on Domo Records. I hope you'll like it Tales from Space Episode II @ Vario Club Wink


frakasound records

Imox CH
Somatribe / freefreak

Pinky & Brain CH
Vibrative sound

DJ Heinz CH
Aphonix /IDA. koj

M.a.c.r.u. CH
Aphonix / O.l.g

Haluzifix D
Space Nomads

Special Deco + Visuals:
...1st in switzerland...
Psychedelic Dream Prod.A

Materix (logirecords D/CH)

Jamas D

Smirgle D

Mic_Al_ Monotov D


Vario Club

Industriestrasse 36
4600 Olten


tel. 076 53 53 56 2

party time
21h -13h
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Tales from Space Episode II @ Vario Club

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