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PostSubject: dan profile   dan profile Icon_minitimeTue 22 Jan - 13:43

full profile. its fits Very Happy

DJ DAN 151 (Walse – Thai for ‘Wales’)
Daniel Emms, better-known to Bangkok’s trance scene as ‘Welsh Dan’ or ‘Dan 151’, is one of Bangkok’s liveliest and most unpredictable DJs. With the ability to both clear and create a dancefloor in a split-second, there is never a dull moment when this friendly creature brings his unique brand of internationally-influenced, yet distinctively Welsh wrongness to the party.

As a result of quirky surroundings and a miss-spent youth in Acid Techno and the UK’s wild free party scene, Dan has a range of warped and mercurial sounds to both move your world and destroy your universe, generally depending on what kind of mood and cognitive state he turns up in. Bangkok’s honorary Welshman first discovered psytrance in the Welsh shires, Goa, New Zealand and later Australia, where he acquired a ‘Melbourne Shuffle’ that remains admired by any Australian party goer that has the (mis?)fortune to encounter the rambling and often incoherent beast in his native habitat – the morning of any shin-dig he has managed to get into where the less durable have already fallen by the wayside and only the twisted remain. Dan’s now-famous lack of verbal discipline and flagrant disregard for cross-cultural norms has resulted in many an uncompromising and awkward situation across the ‘city of angels’.

In a city as curiously diverse and utterly perverse as this, it is quite an achievement to be able to stand out from the crowd. That said, there is probably no regular in the Bangkok nightlife scene who hasn’t enjoyed some kind of fiasco or compromising situation with this brilliantly eccentric and eclectic monster. Thankfully, his rogue wit and ability to waffle have been enough to see him through and win him many a friend on Bangkok’s party circuit. While hammering, gnarly & energetic psytrance is his unquestionable forte (he didn’t get the 151 bpm nickname for nothing!), his unusual repertoire also extends to impromptu stand-up comedy performances, philosophy degrees, highly-dubious ‘Frenchcore’ and late-night brawls with psycho taxi-drivers.

With his playful, pumping and upbeat style of music, ideally suited to the night-time realms, Dan has both entertained and drained party folk at many of Thailand’s underground hotspots including Club Culture, The Overstay, Moon Mountain @ Kanchanaburi, Rain Dogs, Zoom Bar’s Full Moon Hell, Cambodia and the rocking Shiva Moon Party on Koh Pha Ngan. The list would probably be longer were it not for his distinguished ability to lose his music collection whenever given a reasonable opportunity. If his tunes don’t put a smile on your face then his one liners certainly should. But for all the comedy don’t write Dan of as a complete joke DJ – this man will gather his senses when required and deliver a set to rock any floor, with a selection of shapes and moves to surprise the most experienced party traveller.

The Marmite of Thailand’s DJs, Dan has split and corrupted opinion ever since he first burst onto Bangkok’s scene in 2007. Watch out for the raging Welshman at a fun-touting establishment near you, safe in the knowledge that there is a never a dull moment when this lovable lunatic gets his chance to shine. When last encountered, The Welshman was in possession of both his marbles and CD collection – keep your eyes, ears and all other available senses peeled, for comedy, giggles and mayhem usually beckon. Satisfaction likely but never guaranteed.

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