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 TUNDRA ’12, 5–8 July 2012 LITHUANIA

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DJ Bag
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TUNDRA ’12, 5–8 July 2012 LITHUANIA Vide
PostSubject: TUNDRA ’12, 5–8 July 2012 LITHUANIA   TUNDRA ’12, 5–8 July 2012 LITHUANIA Icon_minitimeFri 29 Jun - 13:02

TUNDRA ’12 – three nights under the full moon
5–8 July 2012
The Island of Duburys Lake, Zarasai Region, LITHUANIA

TUNDRA is one of the largest electronic music festivals in Lithuania and Baltic countries. It has a strong bond with nature and a history of nine years. Covering a variety of musical genres, from psy-trance to ambient, from drum’n’bass to post-dubstep, from techno to IDM and more, it takes place on a wonderful peninsula dotted with groves and surrounded by a warm lake.

TUNDRA gives you a chance to enjoy exceptional music in the old pagan land with forests full of secrets and peaceful waters. You can lie in the sun, swim in the crystal clear lake or take part in various workshops and activities during the day. During the night we invite you to wander through mystical groves, experience the magic of the night and dance till dawn in one of the four visually appealing stages.

With over 100 acts from Lithuania and other countries, TUNDRA is offering a variety of psy-trance music performances taking place in the main Psy-Trance Stage and the auxiliary Psychedelic Beach Stage. All psychedelic travellers can enjoy the main area filled with psy grooves during the night time, while the Psychedelic Beach area will be open at day time – modest in both sound and size, but cosy and surrounded by psychedelic vibrations…

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, Chillout Stage will be located in a very magical spot of the forest and not too far away from both psychedelic areas.

TUNDRA ’12, 5–8 July 2012 LITHUANIA Flyer



Cosmos Vibration (Rizoma Records - AR)
Dirty Saffi (Bom Shanka Music - UK)
Dohm (Forest Freaks, LT)
El Rostro De La Medusa (Arkona Creation - ES)
Ghost Signal (Looney Moon Records - IT)
Gido (Blue Hour Sounds - LT)
Heterogenesis (Rizoma Records - AR)
Junesix (World People Productions - IT)
M.M.C.(Tekkin' Over Records / OutLine Family - RU)
Mind Games (Brethren / 7 Heaven Lab - FI)
Nukleall (Blacklite Records - IT)
Pragmatix (Rizoma Records - AR)
Project Sketch (Arkona Creation - UK)
Protonica (IONO Music DE)
Re-Horakhty (Forest Freaks - LT)
Shotu (Hadra Rec. - FR)
Soladria (Sunstation Rec. - FI)
Tweakers (Hadra Rec. - FR)
Xynus (Tranceformers - LT)


Al Psymmetrix (Psymmetrix, Bom Shanka Music - UK )
Coracoideus (PsyT.F. - DE)
Gido (Blue Hour Sounds - LT)
Yonagual (7 Heaven Lab - FI)
Magic fungus (Swamp Tales / Dark Rec. - LT)
Nectaras (Siloka - LT)
Prasoon (Rising Sun Crew - LT)
ShineyMan (Tranceformers - LT)
Shotu (Hadra Rec. - FR)
Zooch (Arkona Creation, Collowrath - LT/UK)



Arrogalla (Mime) IT
Avaspo (LT)
Dubenelis (LT)
Entheogenic (Universal Symbiosis, UK)
Lunar vegetarian (FI)
Ministry of Echology (LT)
Peak (Aquietbump, IT)
Pembls (LT) (LT)
Silent Vision (New Era - CH/LT)
Umiko (LT)
Uus Energia (EE)


Audrius Ramuva (LT)
Daina Dubauskaite (LT)
Droop (LT)
Dubuo (Other Devices - LT)
Egle Gud1 (LT)
Gonzaless (Baltic Champion Sound - LT)
Inner Guru (LT)
Junior Pecos (LT)
Nektaras (Siloka, LT)
Ras Teodor ir Jah Likkle (Kala - LT)
S13 ( - LT)
Shineyman (Tranceformers - LT)
Trevetas (LT)



Good news for those wishing to begin partying before reaching Tundra – once again the wild Tundra-buses are here to bring you to the Festival site and back in a safe and enjoyable manner.

The tickets are available from May 29 to June 27 from the online ticket retailer Tiketa. The number of tickets is limited. For more information on the prices and the bus schedules please visit
P. S.: Tiketa service fee does not apply to the tickets to the Tundrabuses.

***The reasons to choose this way of travelling are abundant ***
Tundra-buses offer the best opportunity to make friends with other festival goers or even your would-be camp neighbours; you won’t have to make excuses to your car driver about your failure to read the map; and you get a chance to fulfil your secret dream – to sing along with your friends. The trip on a single vehicle with a flock of other passengers also gives you an opportunity to prove that you are going green – nature is sad about air polluters driving on their own in their cars and is very happy about all who try to cooperate and save the emissions.

The schedule of Tundra-buses will be suitable both for early birds sitting on their backpacks from the dawn and for working people who are only able to leave for the Festival site by dusk. Buses to the Festival and back will be departing from Vilnius, Kaunas and Utena.

Discover TUNDRA Festival

More information about TUNDRA and tickets

FB profile:

Tickets: >> BUY THEM NOW ! <<

Tundra has a lot to offer, so stay tuned


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TUNDRA ’12, 5–8 July 2012 LITHUANIA

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