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 Sonica Festival 2011 Announced!

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Sonica Festival 2011 Announced! Vide
PostSubject: Sonica Festival 2011 Announced!   Sonica Festival 2011 Announced! Icon_minitimeThu 20 Jan - 18:11

Sonica Festival 2011 Announced! Clip_image002

Special Edition

12th - 15th of August

Plaza, Montenegro


After the successful Re-Loaded edition 2009 at Monte Gelato waterfalls
in Italy, Sonica Festival is back to offer you a new multi-ethnic experience
of love, sound and dreams.

This year’s festival will take place from 12th - 15th of August 2011 at a stunning new beach venue located in Montenegro
between Ulcinj City and Ada
, only 500 meters from
the crystal clear blue sea of the Balkan Adriatic coast,

Sonica - Contemporary Music, Art And Culture will feature:

· 2 Stages

· Visual Shows

· Performing Arts

· Healing & Workshops

· Flea Market

· International and Local

· Biologic and Vegetarian

Eco-sustainability and Tribal Culture

It is our aim to keep improving all our activities for living together
and having fun in a sustainable way, respecting Mother Earth and enhancing our
common social vision.

At the festival we ask you to respect the Sonica Festival rules to enjoy
your best festival experience this summer in harmony with all people and the
surrounding environment.


Sonica Main Stage will see some of the
best psytrance DJs and producers the world has to offer perform across 3 nights
and 4 days delivering all styles of trance from morning full-on to night dark,
deep progressive to pumping psygressive, Sonica 2011 will feature a 24h non-stop
lineup perfectly scheduled to give you the best flow of energy, feelings and

Absolum live + Christof DJ (FR) / Ace Ventura (IL) / Ajja (CH) / Alex Parasense (RU) / Allaby (UK) / Alternative Control
(SRB) / Altruism (BR) / Aphid Moon (UK) / Arjuna (IT /
GOA) / Atriohm (MK) / Avalon (UK) / Awip (IT) / Bee (MNE) / Blisargon Demogorgon (MK) / Burn In Noise
(BR) / Djane Gaby (SLO) / Edoardo
(IT) / Etnica live + Max Dj (IT) / EVP (UK) / First Stone +
Swarup DJ (BR) / Gino (IT) / Giuseppe Parvati (IT) / Gorgo (HUN) / Govinda (IT / GOA) / Headroom
(SA) / Irritant (MNE) / Journey (UK) / Killawatts (Tristan-Avalon) / Latam
(RO) / Liftshift (NL) / Logic Bomb (SWE) / Logica (BR)
/ M-Theory (UK) / Marco Tranky (IT) / Meko Gaiatech (IT) / Pena (PT) / Perfect Stranger (IL) / Pleiadians (SP) / Pseehaw
(MNE) / Sally Doolally (GER) / Shane Gobi (SA) / Slater (CZ) / Species
live + Aki Dj (SRB) / Stole (SRB) / System-7 (UK) / Tommy Pixan (IT) / Tristan (UK) / Tron (MEX) / Twentyeight
(BR) / X-Dream (GER) / XP-Voodoo (RU / GOA)


Sonica Alternative
will feature the sound of ambient, chill, down-tempo, dub and electronica
in order to offer you a more suitable chill-out and relaxing environment for
listening to some of the very finest contemporary music.

Aliji (UK) / Almamegretta (IT) / Antonio Testa (IT) / Ashtech
(UK) / Astropilot (RU) / Atom Based (CR) / Banco De Gaia
(UK) / Brando Lupi (IT) / Darren (UK)
/ DJ Foose (BE) / DJ Greg Mandala (FR) / DJ High
(PT) / DJ Marilli (IT) / DJ Scibi (IT) / DJ Wedran (BIH) / D.M.T. -
Total Eclipse (FR) / Dovla (CR) / DR
Cat (UK) / Entheogenic (SO) / Filippo
Glitches (IT) / Fishimself (GR) / Frankie
Watch (IT) / Gaudi (UK) / Greg Hunter (UK) / Josko (IT) / Kukan Dub Lagan (IL) / Mauxuam
(UK) / Meditronica (IT) / Nova (UK) / Paddy Free - Pitch Black
(NZ) / Paolo Polcari (IT) / Phuture Primitive (USA) / Pura & Johan (SRB) /
Robin Triskele (UK) / Scene
(IT) / Simon Baring (UK) / Toires
(FR) / Tom Real (UK) / Warp Technique (UK) / Zizou (IT)

2011 - LOCATION]

Our new venue is only 80km
from Montenegrin capital Podgorica, which is where the main airport
is located and only 20km from
Montenegrin port of Bar. From the airport or from the port you
can also easy rent a car or get a taxi. Prices are affordable and fair even for
long routes.

Montenegro's currency is Euro €, so you won't need to change
your money and as in all developing countries you can easily find
cash-machines, banks, hotels and all regular facilities. Many hotels,
bungalows, apartments or simple rooms are available around the festival
area, but we really suggest you to start checking on time as the festival
period is at the start of the summer season, so there will be a large
influx of tourists looking to stay on the beautiful Montenegrin coastal


The venue is easily to reach by any kind of transport and here are the
best ways to get to the festival:


As this side of Adriatic coast has became very popular with tourism in
last few years, we recommend you book your flights in advance in order to
get the best possible fares. If you are not able to find affordable fares
with Montenegro Airlines, we suggest you to check Malev
Hungarian Airlines
or Croatia Airlines for direct flights to Podgorica
from the main European capitals.

To give you an idea, these are the fares (including taxes) if booking a
flight 2 months in advance:

Budapest (for all goers to
Ozora): 90,00€ / 1h time flight

Berlin: 160,00€

Bucarest: 185,00€

Amsterdam: 190,00€

Zurich: 210,00€

Bruxelles: 220,00€

Copenaghen: 240,00€

London: 260,00€

Rome: 260,00€

Tel Aviv: 400,00€

Moscow: 300,00€

Alternatively you could reach other destinations such as:

Croatia - Dubrovnik (from UK for only
170,00€ with Croatia Airlines). From Dubrovnik it is only 180km to Sonica
venue, which is approximately 3 hours driving or by bus from Ulcinj

Albania - Tirana (from UK for
170,00€ as well) is only 130km from Sonica venue, about 2.5 hours
or by bus from

We are currently organizing a shuttle-bus
connection from Podgorica airport to Sonica festival. More details to come soon,
keep checking the website for more info.


You can get more info on international buses on:


From May to
September there are several ferry-boat
companies listed below, that make three main routes from Italy to Montenegro.

For those traveling form North-West Europe we heartily
suggest to use these ferries in order to have a more comfortable trip.

The city of Bar
in Montenegro is at only 20km from
Sonica and we are organizing shuttle-bus connections from the port to the
festival for everybody traveling on foot.

Ferry-boat connections from Ancona (North Italy - Adriatic coast) to Bar (Montenegro) take
approximately 16 hours or from
(South Italy - Adriatic coast) to Bar 8 hours.

Contact Details for the two main ferry companies from Montenegro to

Montenegro Lines: (Telephone

Azzurra Line: (Call Center -


Remember Montenegro is entering the European Union and will become full
member from 2012. Until then all people traveling to Montenegro
needs a valid passport to be enter the country.



Pre-sale tickets go on-sale from Sonica pre-sellers
network from January 31st,
check the Sonica website to locate your closer pre-seller.

Pre-Sale Tickets will be available till July 17th
2011. After this date tickets will only be available at the SONICA gate at a
much higher value.


E-tickets on Sonica website will
be on sale from January 15th. To
buy a Sonica E-ticket you'll have to login to the website and provide a valid
e-mail address to receive Sonica confirmation reply with your alphanumeric
ticket-code. Sonica e-ticket sale is made through PayPal secure
site, so if you already use this, you will need a PayPal account to purchase,
alternatively you can ask friends with PayPal.

Sonica E-ticket-code will be always readable in the
body of your "html" or "rich text" format email. No paper-tickets will be sent to the


You must print your E-ticket email and bring it with
you to show at the entrance gate together with your passport to get your
Festival full-pass.


1st Phase (January 31st - April
30th): 65€

2nd Phase (May 1st - July
17th): 85€

For more information
visit our website:
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Sonica Festival 2011 Announced!

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