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 Texas Faggott ~ Kininigin : Exogenic Records

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DJ Bag
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Texas Faggott ~ Kininigin : Exogenic Records Vide
PostSubject: Texas Faggott ~ Kininigin : Exogenic Records   Texas Faggott ~ Kininigin : Exogenic Records Icon_minitimeMon 12 May - 22:33

Texas Faggott ~ Kininigin

Texas Faggott ~ Kininigin : Exogenic Records Kincover200

Release date: 7th May 2008

For almost two decades now, one of the genre defining artists since the early Nineties have built up an impressive discography Making waves across the globe and turning the Faggott sound into a practical household name across continents, these guys from Finland have been churning out music which has taken on a life of its own, standing out and above in terms of innovation and technical quality. Now, releasing their newest album, Kininigin, Texas Faggotts pushes the sound they have come to shape and define to yet further heights and limits. Along with the album, two digital singles are being released, allowing you an early taste of the electro-acoustic synapse-strumming sonic sensory sensation of Texas Faggots, peeking into the future of full-on psychedelic trance.


Track by Track

Toinen Santa
Getting straight to the point, "Toinen" gets right to the point with a furious bassbeat in accordance with denticulate riffs both enticing and biting. The in-your-face tempo grabs you by the seat of your pants as these swami sounds flare with supernatural intensity. Expect nothing less than a masterful peak-hour rush of sonic pandemonium here.

Keeping up the energy, Narkpsy delivers the goods. Frenzied kicks and drums work up the mood and arrest your attention, and abrupt bridges set everything into unexpectedly titilating rearrangement. Gnashing guitar licks and eerily effected voice are just a couple of the many treats that this variated, emotion inducing track has to offer your ears.

10 Years of XXXX
Emcee flow opens up a curt intro before the subsonic bass undercurrent kicks in. Ethereal, industrial pads grace the ceilings of the soundscape as rhythm and melody approach and recede in every dimension. A killer bridge sets stage for some very eastern influenced synth melodies, coupled with high resonance squelches of crisp and qualitative characters.

Hold onto your butts... from the first moment, "Onseng" is a floor shaker. The kicks and bass are deep, meaty and punchy, with plenty of percussion fills on the top ends, and the digital ecosystems of sound are rich and booming with life and feeling. Staccato syncopations and dribbly, liquid effects spattered throughout really make these sounds complete.

Harry Blotter
In keeping with tradition with its forefathers on this amazing album, "Harry" tears up the dance space with fritty, feral beats poured underneath heavy, diesel charged synaptic sustenance. Diabolical digital rhythms and leads peter out into groovy guitar licks to the tune of monstrous, charged bass, and that's only the start of "Harry"'s magic tricks.

"Tres" immerses you into itself right away. Packed full of groove and throwing you into just the right motions, this highly percussive track is your elixir of energy rising. Plenty of springy synth cacophanies and spontansous warpings and rearrangements of the layers keep you on your feet and give you cause to prick your ears. Tres brilliant.

Surmo Tyo
Glitchy science fiction samples and subtle high hats precede masterfully arranged bassbeats and drum elements. The synths fit right in like a puzzle making this track's progression seamlessly sound, every vibration set in the right place for maximum neuro musical education. Warbles and metallic wavings and more await you in this alien soundscape.

Opening up with harmonic echoed harmonic chimes amidst scary synth croaks and growls, the kick comes in timely enough to hold onto. Then things get really chilling. The thing that really gets you the most about this piece is its emotion; you can hear it, dark, latent, seething, but not pressing at first, but end up leaving you in ego-ridden ecstasy.

Psychedelic Virgins
The bassbeats take a different turn this time around. Bouncy and housey, however no less malevolent. as the monk-ish pads, slippery synth squirts, and mind-warping bridges will tell you. Rhythmic sixteenth note rhythms, swinging edgy, "Virgins" treats you on the dancefloor like a cat does a playtoy, batting you around helplessly in its thrall.

Kancho Asassin
Texas Faggot ups the tempo a bit more for more peak hour trance madness. Tribal drums beat away sacred rhythms while mystical chanting drone at impossible frequencies. Every element adds to the building tension and the whole track is arranges masterfully using appropriate scales. Glassy breakdowns separate the edgy moments superbly.

This retroactive track rehashes retro sound technology fused with eighties-era asian videogamesque melodies for a nostaglic psychedelic fusion of past memories and present and future moods. "Kikkoman" is a musical journey through cultures and generations aboard a vehicle of cutting-edge sound technology and veteran musical genius.

Secrets ov Thee Dead
This arrangement is inspiration like no other for second winds. Inimical rhythm samples pluck, and ping away at your neurons as dissonant mantras splay across the sonic walls. Glassy echoed melodies accompany higher layers add the low notes do their part. The bass churns and mashes your ego to pulp as your body works out its evils through dance.

Masterfully manipulated kotos thrum to a pulsating bassline. A kicking drum beat and atmospheric pad layers paint a picture of sound that one could only imagine seeing behind closed eyelids. This music contains mystical energies of sound that your mind feeds upon, The trance digs in with sonic sawtooth skyhooks and lift you into a new realm.

Illegal Alienz
Get ready to get down once more here. An entirely fresh groove awaits you here. Enjoy a canopy of cascading digital dribblings and effected bleeps and bridges. What can be expected here is that this music is very unexpected, and suddenly wends into unforeseen directions which keep your attention and lose not a drop of acidic energy.

"Rednexx" sounds no different from any track on this album or another. A mere four minutes of sound space turns into a chained multi verse of moods and atmospheres gelled together by thumping drums and bass with such expertise as only a master such as Texas Faggott could arrange. Not a measure remains the same iteration of musical mayhem.

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Texas Faggott ~ Kininigin : Exogenic Records

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