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 Psilocybian - WryFigments – Ovnimoon Records

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Galaxy Unknown
Galaxy Unknown

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Psilocybian - WryFigments  – Ovnimoon Records Vide
PostSubject: Psilocybian - WryFigments – Ovnimoon Records   Psilocybian - WryFigments  – Ovnimoon Records Icon_minitimeThu 2 Dec - 6:43

Psilocybian - WryFigments  – Ovnimoon Records Ovnicd006


Psilocybian - WryFigments [ovnicd006] – (Ovnimoon Records / Goa Records)

Title: Wry Figments
Artist: Psilocybian
Label: Ovnimoon Records, sub of Goa rec
Cat#: OVNICD006
Format: 2 Panel Jewel Case CD / DDL
Barc: 881034501226
Release: August 2010


01 - Psilocybian - Back From A Magic Party
02 - Psilocybian - Mary Poppills v2
03 - Psilocybian - Analena
04 - Psilocybian - Proof of Principle
05 - Psilocybian - The UFO Guy
06 - Neon Noodle - Blue Eagle (Psilocybian Rmx)
07 - Psilocybian - Succumb
08 - Psilocybian - Jumping Jack Flashback
09 - Psilocybian - Offbeat Heartbeat

Psilocybian aka Saša Dukić aka Mammal Footwork presents his debut album packed with deep and cosmic party music fusing elements of progressive, psychedelic, goa and lots of magic. He has released a handful of EPs and singles on various labels including Horns And Hooves, Headstick Digital, Ovnimoon Records, Geomagnetic and more. Get ready for lots of heavy and heady progressive, psychedelic goa style dance music great for parties. Here is his story:

“My name is not important right now, I exist in shadow and in minds... Music is all that matters now, I will tell you my history so far. You will learn about myself and through the words you will get to know me very well. Like I mentioned before, names are for commons. My sounds are for you.

My story begins when I was about 13 years old and when my father put an electric guitar in my hands. At that moment my music ride has begun. Couple of years of learning musical basics passed and playing in bands really helped a lot in the situation that was about to follow. Somewhere along the line a friend gave me a track made by Miranda called Green man ... from then and there I left my band and started making electronic music. I made music under many names but mostly under PsiloCybian. You can find me producing all kinds of electronic music, but 90% psychedelic trance. I can't help myself I just love it. Sometimes I can imagine myself as a 80 year old grandfather sitting in his rocking chair listening to psy-trance remembering the good old days. Thanks to my family and friends and especially to my girlfriend Dunja. Special thanks to 2m, Deimos, Stjepan and to Zvuk Prirode. All tracks written and produced by Saša Dukić except “Neon Noodle - Blue Eagle” Stjepan Vulinović & Saša Dukić.”

Label Profile:
Ovnimoon Records is a new label founded in 2010 based in Chile as an independent sub-label of Goa Records. Ovnimoon is the visionary producer whose name sake the label was based upon. All the music released with this imprint has passed his approval as true high quality gems of psychedelic goa trance. Expect only the top shelf selections worthy of the best collections and praised by the most noteworthy DJs in the world.

Check out Ovnimoon Records Summer 2010 Releases here:
For a Complete list of Geomagnetic Distribution summer releases:

Goa Records is now a well established label founded in 2006 based in California/USA. Focused on finding the very best of the worlds leading psy-trance and goa-trance hits and compiling these into a highly commercialized package suitable for mainstream distribution outlets. Expect a steady stream of high quality, cutting edge releases from this already amazingly popular new label.


Distribution by Psyshop & Geomagnetic Distribution
(p) and ©
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Psilocybian - WryFigments – Ovnimoon Records

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