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 psy trance shops war

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

psy trance shops war Vide
PostSubject: psy trance shops war   psy trance shops war Icon_minitimeFri 9 Apr - 16:36

Since 2007 Lua Records have been working as an independent record label putting CDs available for sale true Wirikuta store, working as an exclusive label of this distribution company.

Last year I have been contact by (....) Wirikuta, tell me that they have been let down with $1000s from a big company in Japan and they are not able to make payment to the labels and distributors.

I offer my help to (....) Wirikuta and tuck some days out to make hem a visit in Austria.

Is notorious the rival between psyshop and wirikuta,
who die first ??

Both will do soon or later but wirikuta is on his way now.

I have to say, I did try to help the best I can as they are completely blank to the worldwide web.
The time I been in there, we discuss many ways to move things forward as I offer my web skills to improve they're website for search engines and alternatives to the cd store.

During this time, I hear many stories about psyshop and the real truth is that (....) Psyshop is the most aggressive and competitive business company I never see before.

For shore more business are like this but in this case (psy trance cd stores) is a open war with no rules for a very small market and desunification led to nowhere.

Psyshop wants to delete wirikuta out of the planet to have complit control of the CD sales as the war keeps destroy artists and labels.

Psyshop (...) are doing harassment with wirikuta even to have all the exclusive labels on they're shop !

Dont take just my words for it.
Some days ago I found a forum on the web talking about this issue and I tuck this text just to give you a more close look of what is behind of all the good karma, friendship and mind connection on the psy trance scene business....

(The following text was taken from

The psytrance industry is a motley collection of small businesses that don’t always play well together; allegations of misconduct are commonplace in this scene.

These petty disputes are frequently made public on big international forums like Isratrance, particularly when disgruntled artists, lacking any other method of recourse, decide to expose shady label owners for non-payment.

Obviously the camaraderie experienced on the dance floor does not always extend to backroom business dealings in this subculture. Is it because so much of this business is conducted for small amounts of money over international borders ?

I can’t say for certain, but there seems to be no love lost between many of the major movers and shakers in this industry.

Case in point: this exchange found on the forum.
Here we have a discussion between Saikosounds and Psyshop,
two of the largest (if not the largest) psytrance mail order shops.

Both offer in-house distribution for labels (more Psyshop than Saikosounds, really) but there isn’t much of an exchange between them.

This is compounded by the rivalry between Psyshop and Wirikuta, another European distributor that deals with Saikosounds.
As a result, there are many titles that are available in one shop but not the other—a big pain in the ass for psytrance fans with broad interests.
Do you suppose they might work it out amongst themselves to provide a better customer experience in this era of plummeting physical media sales? The answer can be found after the break.


Hi Rolf

How are you ?

Kagdlila Recs [a psytrance label] asked me contact you about stocking their label releases.

We can supply you directly- the price is 8.17 Euro + shipping cost. As you know, this is the same price you offer your releases to us. As previously discussed with Jochen, if you want to have some two way business to balance, then we can also order some of your releases, it’s up to you.

Please let me know your order.



Cc: “Psychooo Timooo” ; “shu-ki
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 3:02 AM
Subject: Re: Kagdila Recs

Hi Rolf

I didn’t get your reply on this, but I hear from Kagdila that you are not happy about the price. I don’t really understant that since it’s the same price that we pay for your releases.

I can offer you a lower price on the condtion that you offer your own releases to us on the same terms.

I can even agree to order the same quantity of your releases, if you want, so there is no balance between us. It’s up to you, but I will order at least the same quantity if you want a lower price.

And I can even agree to keep the same retail price on our website the same as yours, for all releases we are buying from each other.

So you can choose the price that suits you best.

Please let me know.



Forget it.

Under this conditions we will not work together.

By Rolf


To: “Psyshop / Rolf”
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 11:33 AM
Subject: Re: Kagdila Recs

Hi Rolf

Thanks for your email

Perhaps you could explain what is the problem ?

Bye for now


Im tired to explain my friend…



To: “Psyshop / Rolf”
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 11:50 AM
Subject: Re: Kagdila Recs

Hi Rolf

Thanks for your email.

Well, in case you decide to explain, perhaps we can find a

I’ll be waiting.



Rob, I explained this now 1000 times…

…but meanwhile I accept the way you are doing your Distribution
and that you dont order our releases.

So go on with this strategy if there is a strategy at all………

By Rolf


To: “Psyshop / Rolf”
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 12:47 PM
Subject: Re: Kagdila Recs

Hi Rolf

We both know that you have not explained anything to me about this, since it’s the first time I have ever offered to sell CDs, that are distriubuted by Wirkuta, to you directly.

If you think you have explained it 1000 times, then it won’t hurt you to make it 1001 times, will it ? So, please…….. ? ? ?

We are not talking about distribution, we are talking about you stocking Kagdila’s releases on your website. These CDs are distributed by in Europe by Wirikuta. You have told me in the past that you won’t buy from wirikuta because they don’t order enough from you. That is obviously not a problem if you buy them from us since I can easily order more from you than you will order from us.

Personally I am also hapy to continue as we are since there are so many different options for customers in Europe to buy our CDs from. But if you want to have your CDs available in Asia, we can work something out, along the lines I have proposed earlier today.

Or we can continue without working together. I simply promised Kagdila that I would try to find a solution. But after this email if there is no further movement from your side, there is nothing more I can do.



Hi Rob

1. Stop working with Wirikuta. 2. We can buy all releases you
print directly from you for a reasonable price.
3. You order our exclusicve releases from us.

…and we can start immideately a sucessful relationship.

By Rolf


To: “Psyshop / Rolf”
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 1:58 PM
Subject: Re: Kagdila Recs

Hi Rolf

You have not right to demand that we stop working with wirikuta. I am offering these products to you and it has nothing to do with wirikuta.

We are talking about Kagdila Recs releases.

Is that the same “reasonable price” in point 2. below, that you will also offer to us in point 3 ?

If the terms are equal, there should not be a problem.

Let’s say 7.50 euro plus shipping is a “reasonable price”. We pay that price for your releases. You pay that price for ours. If 7.50 is not a “reasonable price” then please tell me what you prefer. So long as it is the same price we pay for your releases, I don’t have a problem.




Our CDs are 8.17 Euro for you, as for all our customers who are ordering in those quantities. Maybe we can discuss some FOC but thats another story!

I will pay for your CDs not more than 6.50 Euro including shipping. I think this is a suitable price for the releases you hace to offer!

By Rolf


Hi Rolf

So, you want us to pay you 8.17 euro plus shipping for your CDs. So that will be more than 8.50 euro including shipping.

And you want to pay us 6.50 euro including shipping for our CDs.

Could you please explain WHY you think you have a 2 Euro advantage ?


(Evidently Psyshop does not respond.)


Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 22:00:36 +0800
To: kagdilarecordsAThotmailDOTcom; chakras303AThotmailDOTcom
Subject: Re: Kagdila Recs

Guys, I think you can see that this will not lead anywhere. Psyshop is unwilling to play fair.

What you should do is to carefully explain to your atists, DJs, customers, friends, partners, and anyone else who will listen, what kind of kind of dirty dealings that they engage in.

Send these emails to them. Post these emails on some internet forums if you want. I don’t mind.
The more people who know, the better.
People should understand this for what it is.
Only when other labels and other customers understand this, and are willing to do something about it, will things change.

Psyshop relies on these kind of tactics, just like the “school bully” relies on scaring other children into submission.
Well, I’m not a child who gets scared easily :-)

You can’t say that I haven’t tried to fix this.

Bye for now
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psy trance shops war

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