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 Psyanide Party - 04/04/2010

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

Psyanide Party - 04/04/2010 Vide
PostSubject: Psyanide Party - 04/04/2010   Psyanide Party - 04/04/2010 Icon_minitimeThu 25 Mar - 15:55


Psyanide Party - 04/04/2010 N280130101453_1871

Sunday, 04 April 2010 at 22:00
6 Upper York Street, Stokes Croft
Bristol, United Kingdom

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Well we couldn't wait until May to do our first event, so we went right ahead and booked one on Easter Sunday!!! Get ready for a night of pure electronic mayhem as we profile some of the finest producers of today & yesterday across 3 rooms @ Lakota, the hub of Bristol's clubbing scene!!!

Psyanide Party - 04/04/2010 17053_303280349272_559254272_335389

Who's there:

J MAJIK - massive Drum & Bass producer, has had mainstream hits with 'Crazy World' and 'Feel about You' both produced with Wickaman! You may know of him through Chris Moyle's Radio 1 show, the track was nicknamed Phil the Badger after many listeners misheard the lyrics to Feel about You! Check out his Discography now!

APHRODITE - main stay of the Drum & Bass scene, just check out his Discography!!! Urban Takeover wouldn't the same without this guy!

Dj SKELM - currently signed to Dj Rap's label Propa Talent, a local producer who will be showcasing the finest Dub-Step around for us & a resident for Ship Shape!!! 'Nuff said!

Dj SY - old skool dosen't quite cut it for this chap, he has been at the forefront of the rave scene since day 1!!! Exclusive Dj set for this night he will only be playing here (and in Wales on Easter Sunday), catch the Scrathmaster in England here only!

Dj PILGRIM - This guy has been plying his trade for years across the dance scene & is banging out a new sound right now - J-Tek, you need to check this out as it's a fusion of Dub-Step, D & B and old skool breakbeat. Hear it only here! (Plus he'll be dropping a proper Old Skool set as well) !!!

Dj BUNJY & Mc JOE PENG - it just wouldn't be right to put on an event in Bristol without this pairing!!! Bristol Exposure, Dreamscape, Universe & this list goes on - they were there & are still here, 2 sets from the dynamic duo who also form part of Laid Blak!

Mc SHABBA D - proper Drum & Bass Mc Legend, still working & he will be hyping up the dance floor for us don't you worry about that!!!

Dj VINYL JUNKIE - the man is back & tearing it up wherever he plays, expect a kick ass Old Skool set from a local legend!!!

Mc DOPE - now we are going way back, been rocking the mic for years in Bristol & coming back to help us out!!! 'Nuff respect!

Want some more? We've got more:

Dj TWISTED - Ship Shape resident will be showing how versatile he is playing in all 3 rooms & playing 3 very different styles!!! Check him out!

Dj MENACE - one time Fruit Club (Brunel Rooms, Swindon) resident and still on the scene with his own record label Homeboys Records, will be playing classic Rave!!!

EFA - from the Shit the Bed mob joins in with a Dub-Step set just keep you nodding your head!!! These guys know how to throw a good party!

Mc FUGITIVE - local boy done good, he gets about a bit from Oxygen to Slammin Vinyl he always around!!! Quality Mc!

Dj BLITE & Mc RAPTOR - straight in from the Delerium mob come these two lads!!! You will have seen them around the local scene for a while, good fun & we're glad they are on board!

Still not fed your appetite? Okay, have some more:

PSYANIDE - this fella is hosting his own room of psy-chadelic mayhem for us, you will have seen him at Tribe of Frog with Dj Twisted having it large and most recently in Mixmag!!! This room will go off, proper like!

PIEMAN - ever present for the Tribe of Frog, Pieman is a top notch Psy-Trance Dj & we wouldn't do a Psy-Trance room without him!!! Ribbitt!

ROSS '666' EVANS - one of Bristol's most inovative producers who's banging out his music on his own label - 666 Music Corporation!!! Expect nothing but hardstuff from this chap, quality sound & reliable dancefloor action Dj!

- quality Dj with his own label & radio station, check him out on Lua Records & Trancemoon Radio!!!
Dark Psy my friends!

Dj CRISP - known this fella for a long time & he has a huge collection of classic vinyl, quality mixing skills & a real desire to play out!!! Resident & well versatile!

PLUS Mc's REMIDY, RYDEN, ENERGISE & SPUDDY - Top notch Mc's all taken from Bristol's current talent pool.

So, now you've read all that - Tickets are available from and the first 100 are just £5 plus booking fee. After that tickets will be £10 (plus BF) and £7 for NUS (plus BF)!

Expect the usual trimmings like UV Face Painting, Merchandise Stall, quality Lighting & Decor and a Kick Ass Sound System, as well as some more!!!]

See you there !!
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Number of posts : 39

DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

Psyanide Party - 04/04/2010 Vide
PostSubject: Re: Psyanide Party - 04/04/2010   Psyanide Party - 04/04/2010 Icon_minitimeFri 2 Apr - 13:00

MAIN ROOM - D & B, Dub Step, J-Tek

10 - 11 pm > Dj CRISP

11- 12pm > Dj PILGRIM with Mc's ENERGISE & RYDEN

12 - 1am > J MAJIK with Mc REMIDY

1 - 2am > Dj BUNJY with Mc JOE PENG

2 - 3am > APHRODITE with Mc SHABBA D

3 - 4am > Dj TWISTED with Mc's ENERGISE & RYDEN

4 - 5am > EFA

BALCONY ROOM - Nostalgia, Old Skool Rave

10 - 11pm > Dj TWISTED

11 - 12pm > Dj MENACE with Mc FUGITIVE

12 - 1am > Dj PILGRIM with Mc DOPE

1 - 2am > VINYL JUNKIE with Mc DOPE

2 - 3am > Dj SY with Mc FUGITIVE

3 - 4am > Dj BUNJY with Mc JOE PENG

4 - 5am > Dj BLITE with Mc RAPTOR


10 - 11:45pm > ROSS 666 EVANS

11:45 - 1:30am > Dj TWISTED Vs Dj PSYANIDE

1:30 - 3:15am > PIEMAN

3:15 - 5:00am > ALIENATURE

Tickets are still available from the Bristol
Ticket Shop, it will be more on the door!!! We look forward to seeing
you all on the night - get ready for a SHIP SHAPE & proper Bristol
Fashion Bank Holiday party!!!
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Psyanide Party - 04/04/2010

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