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 Methodic Marble promo

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Methodic Marble

Number of posts : 4

DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Methodic Marble promo   Thu 18 Mar - 23:47

Greatings everyone, so heres a little promo of mine with a couple of Tracks/demos.... grgkts


Any feedback is welcome Wink

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Number of posts : 728

DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: Methodic Marble promo   Fri 19 Mar - 3:29

Thanks for post your tracks for review, in this case is nearly a all release Smile

I did listen the tracks and they are dark and very flowing. Good vibe and very intricate work.
Unfortunately I couldn't get much from all the tracks I listen.

Mastering is the issue !
Some times what sound good for us ,dont sound good for others.
Maybe your tracks sound good in a big sound system as you say but we all know , if the sound is too loud, some detail is lost.
I think this was the reason I couldn't get to really analyze your tracks as it should be, the sound was too loud !? too compressed !?

As I say, the tracks are very well constructed but mastering is a completely different story.

For example, if a track is not well mixed for a start, no sound engineer will make the track sound great.

You are constructing a unique style and that is very good but I will advise you to give your tracks to some friend to master, not because you dont do good mastering but always happen like this, by rule (with some exceptions) producers should never master own tracks.
Its a hear saturation and some times we end up be for long time, beating the same note !

Other thing I can advise you is to record your tracks in to a cd after mastering and play the tracks in many different places possible, Play in your mini stereo, play in your home music system, play in your car stereo, play in a stereo of a friend.
If sounds good everywhere, is well mastered !

I think you have much to show in your music.

Your production is intricate and and elaborated that means you have lots of work and dedication on what you are doing.

Hope this will help.
Good luck for your project.

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Methodic Marble

Number of posts : 4

DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: Methodic Marble promo   Fri 19 Mar - 5:22

Thankxs a lot for listen & for the feedback.

Regarding to the mastering, i know its not the perfect mastering tracks, but i dont think is so bad has u are putting it.Has i told u they are sounding good in Partys sound system, far is going good.
But i apreciate ur opinion & respect , and wiil try change my mastering tools & aprotech

More opinions would be great

Thans a lof for the feeback mate Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Methodic Marble promo   

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Methodic Marble promo

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