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 Greetings from Ninja Hippies- Gypsie BRISTOL UK!

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Greetings from Ninja Hippies- Gypsie BRISTOL UK!   Wed 16 Sep - 11:30

Hiya's all my name is Gypsie and I run the Ninja on

For the last 5 years Ninja Hippies have been a party force with a growing membership dedicated to free parties for the likeminded. We have stood our ground against ridiculous Acts and Statutes namely the Criminal Justice Act/Bill and now the preposterous Terrorism Act and have refused to part with our Fundamental Right to unite with family and friends on ‘Public Land’ and celebrate one of the oldest rituals on earth; Music and Dance!

Thelast couple of years we have gone through a major transition that has changed the way we think, feel and the direction we are to take. Using the internet as a tool we have empowered ourselves with an understanding of what is happening in today’s society, how the bwanks are now running the politics of the day, how our corrupt government is aiming at stripping us bare of our Rights and Freedoms in support of these bwankers how the main media is manipulating us to believe their
lies, and how WE the people can claim our ‘human rights’ back before the UK (a corporation set up to generate profits for their sole use) turn our beautiful country into a fascist police state!

It is now our responsibility to educate and inform all of you; lovers of life, peace, freedom and unity.

But don’t just take our word for it, research and find out for yourselves
about these truths and when the penny drops for you as it did for us,
come and take part in a quest for truth, freedom and change. We are NOT
in the minority, WE are the MAJORITY, this is what those in power do
not want us to realise, without our backing and support they loose
everything , ask yourselves why there are 4m CCTV Cameras throughout
the UK, for our protection? LOL! No, they fear what we are about to
carry out, overthrowing a corrupt government, removing the current
monetary system, exposing the tyrannical media producers and claiming
back our Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. WHOOP! WHOOP!

following links will make it easier and faster than we had it, to learn
the truth. We shall be adding more links as we discover more truths so
make sure you keep informed and up to date!
URGENT!!! Please watch this and learn about YOUR rights, learn that the
UK, House of Parliament the Police Force and public sector services are
CORPORATIONS set up to generate profits and NOT to protect and serve
us! Learn their language and defy them at their game!!!
URGENT!!! Please read and ACT! Article 61- Lawful Rebellion- In its
essence article 61 is a security clause, a clause to allow the people
to enter into lawful rebellion against tyranny, miss governance and
most importantly slavery, rebellion and not revolution for article 61
allows for ‘NO’ violence to be offered against anyone at any time, this
is why it was called the security clause.
Common Purpose - It recruits and trains "leaders" to be loyal to the
directives of Common Purpose and the EU, instead of to their own
departments, which they then undermine or subvert, the NHS being an

- Join this campaign today and let the Government know you will not tolerate their blatant use of our money to publish and
their propaganda, lies and corruption. Treason has been committed and
is still being perpetrated on a daily basis, and you by paying this tax
are allowing this to happen.
This website contains an overwhelming number of independent
documentaries that will educate us all on every subject matter from
government corruption to climate change!
This website will inform you on current news, Acts/Bills that affect
you, how to challenge these preposterous Acts/Bills how to deal with
‘authority’ and the exposure of media lies and manipulation!
Brought together through the universal truth movement and aiming to
prevent further state sponsored terrorism through spreading information
and initialising legal proceedings. Enough is enough.


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Greetings from Ninja Hippies- Gypsie BRISTOL UK!

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