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 SERFREE003 | VA-Circles Of Hell-Second Circle-Dis | OUT NOW!

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: SERFREE003 | VA-Circles Of Hell-Second Circle-Dis | OUT NOW!   Mon 13 Jul - 15:27

are presenting their 3rd free net release.


please visit the scared evil records website to download this release.


Artist: Various
Album: Circles Of Hell - Second Circle - Dis
Release Date: 12-07-2009
Catalog: SERFREE003
Label: Scared Evil Records
Cover Artwork: Melan Wastage & Somadelic
Mastering: Extreme Forces
Release Text: Axis Mundi

01 | Motorbrain - Boom Voyage | 08:32 | 154 BPM
02 | Agressive Mood - Nice For Killing | 07:05 | 165 BPM
03 | Cyko - Volatile Nebula | 07:06 | 149 BPM
04 | Corrosive Brain - Pain Inside | 07:18 | 160 BPM
05 | Drakphaser - Micro Pointus | 07:59 | 156 BPM
06 | Mergel - Date To Death | 06:53 | 168 BPM
07 | Krono Psy Vs. Playtek - Kill The Motherfuckers | 06:25 | 175 BPM
08 | Terminologista - Secret Therapy | 07:20 | 180 BPM
09 | TMN - Itīs Worth To Cry | 08:12 | 145 BPM
10 | Stitch Vs Ickis Vs Psy Horror Noise - Smells Of The Fear | 08:28 | 168 BPM

darkpsy collective Scared Evil Records serves up its second installment
of a 9-album series of free net releases called "Circles of Hell".
Sleeplessly industrious, these ten projects from all corners of the
world come together to produce a deeper tour into the further depths of
dark psychedelic trance. With a variety of styles and tempos
encompassing the breadth of the subgenre, "Dis" is an underworld city
populated by digital demons and ghosts in the machines. Connoiseurs of
the harder, edgier side of the psy-trance spectrum can expect plenty of
mind-tearing, foot-loosening, sense-crushing frequencies without a
moment of disappointment, and every track is a product of its creators'
feverish, selfless desires to spread sinister sounds for the global
comminuty to freely enjoy.

Motorbrain - Boom Voyage
us off on the second spiral downwards is Boom Voyage by Motorbrain. A
no-nonsense intro launches us straight into chunky bassbeats, glassy
effects and sputtering, steamy lead riffs. Intriguing atmospheres
imported from alien worlds curtain the soundstage as the layers weave
into a tighter tapestry of synapse-stretching psychedelia. Powered
guitar riffs and evolving foreground stabs build drive and tension
throughout the progression.

Agressive Mood - Nice For Killing
bass chugs along to an uptempo drum section in this piece. Prepare
yourself quickly for relentless inundations of flanged soundscapes and
mind-tearing synth leads. It isn't long before these sounds bloom into
full force cacophany. Tempo-twisting breakdowns add intensity and
freshness which unwind your mind and freshen up your feet. Changes in
bass undercurrents alter the fluid tides of sound in new directions
which tug you along to new points of sonic depravity.

Cyko - Volatile Nebula
track opens up with sinister malevolence. Building up from dark
minimalism and marching-band style percussion into elastic layers of
mid-range riffs, this track contains the srots of sounds fit for dark
inddor corners and outdoorsy goodness that contain sincere distance
carrying potential. Subtle tempo work accelerates the pace of
progression to the tune of excellent atmospheric placement. Definite
mood changes imply feelings of movement and direction.

Corrosive Brain - Pain Inside
leads chirp and peck away in alien avian arrays of high-frequency
depravity. This jungle of sound arrangement gives genuine feelings of
otherworldly ecosystems and offer excellent balance of staccato sound
bites, retro computer calculations, and mechanical machinations gone
horribly awry. Altogether, these aounds amount to an ego autopsy during
an earthquake, flaying your psyche open as your body quivers and
vibrates on the dancefloor.

Drakphaser - Micro Pointus
newest creation follows. Immediately noticeable is a bass which swings
left and right as much as it pushes forward. Masterful placement of vox
modulations, trashy, distorted rhythms, and resonant squirts and
squelches spell out highly psychedelic drive and progression. Every
moment contains something to feast your neurons upon, with plenty of
change-ups and rearrangements which keep you on your toes from start to

Mergel - Date To Death
Brain-tickling liquid
dribblings derive order from chaos. Steamrolling bassbeats quickly
overwhelm the cerebrum and give your feet plenty to do in the meantime.
Mergel's use of breakbeat interludes certainly add unexpectedness at
just the moment when the pattern progressions require. The highhats
sound natural, and the effects and external sample usage are tasteful
and appropriate. All in all a perfect blend of hair-raising tension and
conflict between the familiar and the inimical.

Krono Psy Vs. Playtek - Kill The Motherfuckers
horror house of a track features pulsating bass which chugs along. its
up-down motion coupled with side-sweeping synths and high hats give you
all the inspiration your body needs to sweat its acids out into the
dance theater. Intricate use of panorama and hinterground noises add
spaciousness and dimension for the sinister foreground leads to fill.
All of this adds up to a peaktime arrangement of dark psychedelia that
grips you with sonic talons and refuses to let go.

Terminologista - Secret Therapy
wall-of-sound style of trance is as subtle as a comic superhero with
inverted ideals. Cyclical leads take you on a corkscrew ride around an
ego-pummeling bassbeat with the drive of a monster trick and the energy
of an atom smasher. Indeed, this ego-pummeling rollercoaster is a
sure-fire crowd pleaser for those who perfer their trance hard, fast
and dirty. Common thematic sounds are the glue that gives your mind a
handhold as you are tigged through screaming synth chaos.

TMN - Itīs Worth To Cry
innovative intro provides an interesting dynamic contrast in a
genre-breaking display of musical statement. Don't be mislead, though.
This track takes an unexpected and inevitable turn straight towards the
heart of dark psychedelia. The atmosphere is outstanding and the
tension builds up into a snapping point like a wet towel twisted into
an ego whip. Leads cut and sever neural ties with the precision and
care of a rusty scalpel, and the background pads piggy-back your brain.

Stitch Vs Ickis Vs Psy Horror Noise - Smells Of The Fear
this circle is a three way collaborative amalgam. This finale contains
all of the force and drive of its playlist predecessors. Dissonant
synth strings, growling voice works and oscillating resonant
frequencies paint a sonic picture of harsh alien amazon environs. This
brutal clash of styles offers a variety of percussion, etherealism and
menacing low frequency undercurrents to lose yourself in. Panoramic
glitchwork and beat contortions are the icing on this psychedelic

Infos, Prelisten & Download:
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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: SERFREE003 | VA-Circles Of Hell-Second Circle-Dis | OUT NOW!   Mon 13 Jul - 17:17

Thank you Scared Evil Records.
Good release.
All the best.

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SERFREE003 | VA-Circles Of Hell-Second Circle-Dis | OUT NOW!

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