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 Bitkit promo clip new album

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Bitkit promo clip new album   Fri 24 Apr - 0:02


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Number of posts : 20

DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: Bitkit promo clip new album   Thu 14 May - 17:11

Update biography

Germinated out of a consistent need to create music, Bitkit (born as Gunther Wyckmans, ‘82), established himself firmly into the soundscape of the nowadays European electronic dance community. Having a widely spreaded musical background and with his neverlasting urge to optimize his ever growing studio expertise, makes this creative spirit fuse and evolve to another level of production, hereby exploring all borders of the global electronic music universe.

In the time since his debut trance album “Logical” in 2007 was born, which was acclaimed with massive support from all corners of the globe and led to magicaly orchestrated live gigs all around Europe, he still finds some time to keep tuning his equalizers, hereby growing into an even more mature Bitkit wave of sound, which nobody can resist on the dancefloor! This evolution procces lead to the composing of a brand new full album, filled with fresh pounding psychedelic tunes , expected to join the world in the beginning of 2009…in a Naturall way!

While travelling and experementing through the universe of sounds , Gunther also bumped into Lyndsay Begoodt, a musical elf with many experiences in the musical genre. This bump developed into a funky/groovy/dubby/d’nb/trance dance project called Boulvard with Lyndsay writing and singing the lyrics and Gunther providing the tick’s and click’s.

His production is top notch, bringing a combination of massive anthems & melodic layers on top of roaring & powerful pystrance music...This combined with pumping & original basslines and a deadly accurate kick, made it one of this year's most pleasant surprises in the psychedelic music scene.

By putting himself in the forfront of electronic musical evolution, rather then following the well known habbits and customs, Bitkit with his know-how and fusion of the best musical elements, will succeed to keep on blowing pulsating and innovative sounds out of the dancefloor speakers…mesmerising enchanted dancers and music lovers all over the world…
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Bitkit promo clip new album

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