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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: ANDI VAX/SYNSUN “MIXING SECRETS” (video tutorial)   Fri 18 Jan - 1:29

My name is Andrey.
I’m a founder of psy trance project SynSUN and electro house project Andi VAX.
I would like to represent you the free video tutorial which is dedicated to secrets of mixing the dance music.
This video is for advanced producer who has an experience of two or more years.
For young and talanted there is a numerous tutorials with basic information.
The reason why I did it were a lot of questions and requests from young producers and professionals about my way of creating and processing the sound.
I’ve read a numerous tutorials about mixing and mastering music and the main it’s disadvantage is that the creators emphasis on ROCK and POP music, they are not paying attention on really important aspects of mixing and not explaining “HOW to make” instead of “WHY we do exactly THIS”.
I’ve not found an explanation of some important moments there, so my answers on my questions where burned from the long way of tests and mistake and also from by discussions with my colleges.
I've utilized in this video the most effective plugins, hardware and software synthesizers for deeper understanding the process.
What I explain here is not a gospel truth. This is only my vision of some aspects in sound recording and here I propose just one of the possible ways for achievement the good quality.

Dedicated to all who create. We are the world.


Free mixing video tutorial for dance music producers.
1. Basic skills of equalization
2. Main principles of equalization
3. Frequency’s conflicts and instrument groups
4. Main principles of compression
5. A little bit about mastering
6. A little maximizing hint
7. FAT sound. Three methods of making kick drum.
8. FAT sound. Fat and pumping bass.
9. FAT sound. Synth double track.
10. FAT sound. Unreal wide bass.
11. FAT sound. Percussion and cymbals processing.
12. Virtual Room Hints. Main principles.
13. Virtual Room Hints. 5 reverberation hints.
14. 10 advices from ANDI VAX

!!! NOT FOR SALE !!!
80% theory © by Jo0hn (RMM) & Andrew_S (625-NET.RU).
All music fragment, tracks and examples © Andrey Vakhnenko aka ANDI VAX.



Andi Vax
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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: ANDI VAX/SYNSUN “MIXING SECRETS” (video tutorial)   Sun 20 Jan - 17:23

Hi Andrey,

Welcome to the forum Smile

Listen guys, if you want somethign thats a little bit special DOWNLOAD Andi`s video tutorials. I can vouch for their quality and the information included is invaluable to anyone who wants to make psy trance, i have used them to my benefit, even made me buy UAD card :O

Thanks for the links Andrey i am sure people will find these videos very helpfull.


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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: ANDI VAX/SYNSUN “MIXING SECRETS” (video tutorial)   Thu 24 Jan - 15:11

hey man exelent post..

thanks a lot sysum

peace and sucess!!
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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: ANDI VAX/SYNSUN “MIXING SECRETS” (video tutorial)   Wed 27 Feb - 16:30

I have Brazilian legends of that, if someone want pm me and i send by email.
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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: ANDI VAX/SYNSUN “MIXING SECRETS” (video tutorial)   Sun 2 Mar - 17:09

Wow, Yay thanx Guys for uploading this Video tutorial, Much Much appriciate it.

Never tell anyone they are wrong, we all will rationalize to the point of thinking we are
unequivocally right.

Learn the difference between appreciation and flattery — one is from the heart, the other
is from the teeth.

The sharper you look, the sharper you will be.
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PostSubject: Re: ANDI VAX/SYNSUN “MIXING SECRETS” (video tutorial)   Wed 26 Mar - 10:39

Wow Thank you so much Andrey!! 

I recall seeing you at Boomerang festival South Africa 2 years back! You blew my mind on the floor!! 

My question is if there is another download link because that one does not seem to be working?? All I get is page not working. Really amped to get into it. Anybody?
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PostSubject: Re: ANDI VAX/SYNSUN “MIXING SECRETS” (video tutorial)   Today at 3:48

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