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 T.M Welcome

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: T.M Welcome   Wed 31 Dec - 12:37

Hello everyone.
Many people sign in the forum but say didnt not receive our welcome message.
For this reason I like to post here the message for all of you can have a quick guide about Trance Moon Forum.

WELCOME to Trance Moon Forum.
Forum introduction

*Rss feeds

Trance Moon Forum is connected with our Psy & Dark web sites ( Radios.
All message in the forum will show in our web site , this is made by rss feeds.
If you not familiar with rss feeds, let me make a quick explanation.
Everything you post will be show in our web sites and spread to google and other search engines .
Not just, many people are sign our feeds, reading this direct from there feed reader
and they will appreciate your information in a good manner.

As you see, here you are the news for many Trance People .
For this reason and if you really want your information to be read not just in the forum, do not make symbols like :
(% # $ 's ** _ & ) in your post, because RSS see this as (CODE - SPAM) and will reject to spread your messages to other information channels.
I recommend you to (read this)


Don't use big images, people will have difficulty to read your post if they have to scroll,
left, right, up and down.
Try to keep the text and images in same width and high.
(more info here)

*Language - This Forum its used from many People from different country's , If we all
can writ in English is a better way for all to understand each others.
So PLEASE make your posts in ENGLISH.

*Links - Dont start a new topic just to post a link. All the messages just with links will be deleted.

Dont post other artists or label albums, for free download in this forum.


maybe you notice, we have the forum split in 2 boards,

PSY TRANCE - Music discussion, Psy Trance New Releases,Psy Trance Record Labels,
Psy Trance DJs Promotion, Psy Trance Producers Promotion and Psy Trance Party's.
This is the Psy Trance Main Board.

- Music Discussion, Dark Trance new Releases, Dark Trance Record Labels,
Dark Trance DJs Promotion, Dark Trance Producers Promotion, and Dark Trance Party's.
Dark and Twisted Psychedelic Electronic Trance Music is here.


If you are a music producer, we have a Moderator who help you with any difficulties
in music production ,specially in Cubase.
Do you need plug-ins or have a question about sound ? You are in the right place.
Share your music knowledge.


When you sign in, click in Profile, on top bar you have:

put some info about you, people will like to know
your web site,myspace address etc...

Here you make the settings for the forum as you like and decide how people can contact you.

Here you can put everything you want for people to read any time you post.

This is an image that will be display in your post.
We have a large gallery of avatar icons but you can upload your own.

(watched topics)
Here you can decide wish topics you want to watch or if you want to stop to watch that topic.

A part from that, its all up to you to make this forum a save place.

That's all for now !
Don't forget to READ about the rss feeds and to READ about the photos size.

Hope you enjoy the stay and if you have any difficulty in post the forum contact the Adminstrator or Moderators.

All the best.

Forum Administrator (Kabbalien)
Dark Forum Moderator (Krono Psy)
Psy Forum Moderator (Evosmiles)
Music Production Moderator (SoundMagus)

Trance Moon Radio Network  (Radios) (label)  (forum) (Network)

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T.M Welcome

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