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 Fantapsy - End Of Days (2 Part) Triplag / Ultravision

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Fantapsy - End Of Days (2 Part) Triplag / Ultravision   Mon 21 Feb - 16:40

I'm very happy to present you all with a new 2 hour mix split in to 2 parts which continue on immediately from one another.

Please leave honest constructive feedback.

Love + Light, Fantapsy

Labels: Triplag Music / Ultravision Records

Bpm: 152 - 170

Length: 2h 19m

Format: MP3 (320)

Style: Dark Psychedelic Trance

Equipment: Virtual Dj, Mouse, Headphones

Fantapsy - End Of Days

Part 1 - The Beginning Of The End

01.Savage Scream - Voices Inside (Rmx) (BrainBusters Recs)

02.Azidax - Detail Temple (Edit) (Treetrolla Recs)

03.Biosynthesis - Fipi Movements (Treetrolla Recs)

04.Krussedull - Lord Vader (Yggdrassil Recs)

05.Biosynthesis - Colored Forest (Mighty Quinn Recs)

06.VOC - Twisted Reality (Edit) (Triplag Music)

07.Secret - Secret (Unreleased)

08.LAB - Sanctum Logic (No Comment Recs)

09.Secret - Secret (Unreleased)

10.Psyshark vs Silent Horror - Stares (Psyshark Recs)

11.Celsung - Tri Assasin Don't Die (Nabi Recs)

12.Syntrax - I Feel Infected (Bhooteshwara Recs)

13.Paranoize - 1st SX (Triplag Music)

14.MDS - Spooky Art Gallery (Rmx) (Vol.2 - The Darkpsyde)

15.Noise Collapse - Howling Cats (The Darkpsyde)

16.LAB - Lost World Of Hanya (P.R Productions)

Part 2 - The End Of Everything

01.Ikpeng - Deep Space (The Darkpsyde)

02.MDS - Pissedoffskaya (Black Magik Recs)

03.Airi - Departed (2to6 Recs)

04.Ikpeng - Horror House (Triplag Music)

05.LAB - Highwind (No Comment Recs)

06.Snack Shop - The Circle Game (D-A-R-K Recs)

07.Airi - Lybrarian (D-A-R-K Recs)

08.Aku Aku - Sex Drugs And Me (Triplag Music)

09.Kerberos - Still Here (Triplag Music)

10.Kerberos - Travel To Hell (Naverius Rmx) (B P M)

11.Ectogasmics - Bottlewash (4CN Studios Mastering)

12.K Lapso - Run Motherfucker Run (Psy4tecks Rmx) (Ultravision Recs)

13.Khaos Sektor - Speaking In Tongues (Rmx) (Ultravision Recs)

14.Terratech vs Khaos Sektor - Dead Silence (Ultravision Recs)

15.Kobold Instinct vs Endless Euforia - Instinct Euforia (Ultravision Recs)


Covers: JSO90BU0

Part 1: CRGM01K2

Part 2: XQP37X50

NonStop Mix: DYRT1ZH0

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Fantapsy - End Of Days (2 Part) Triplag / Ultravision

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