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 DJ Shawnodese [Mind Funk Records]

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: DJ Shawnodese [Mind Funk Records]   Mon 31 Jan - 10:41

DJ Shawnodese has been a resident in Holland for most of his life, next to having lived in Germany and Venezuela as well. His DJ career started way back in the early 90's (1992), kicking off with mainly acid-trance & techno. Soon after he seriously got infected with the psytrance bug, thanks to some traveling friends with their hidden & unreleased music on DAT-tapes. From that point on, there simply was no way back anymore.

After leaving the north of Holland for Amsterdam, things started to accelerate quickly and his name & fame began to grow rapidly around the European scene as well as worldwide. Having been a resident DJ in Amsterdam's local club Trance Buddha sorted him with the many contacts needed for national & international exposure. Over the past 20 years he's been playing in many countries such as: Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Israel, South-Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Canada and the U.S.A.

Known for his master craftsmanship in fusing every tune together in a perfect mix, he's been able to set off many minds high up in the sky, making them enjoy the powerful intensity of his beloved and favorite music. During all those years he’s seen almost every kind of venue and party imaginable, from clubs to squats, from massive in- and outdoor festivals to obscure underground locations and anything in between. As long as there were some pounding beats demanded, this DJ stands and delivers on the spot.

Next to playing his favorite dancefloor stompers, Shawnodese is also an expert in fusing the more lush and chilled styles of psychedelica. Ambient soundscapes, downbeat chill-out, dub, trip-hop, breaks, drum&bass (jazzy/spacey) & other varieties of relaxed tunes & beats. His sonic DJ skills have taken him from the relaxed atmosphere of lounges and clubs, to the well known Amsterdam coffee shops as well as playing in the so beloved chill-out areas and tents at many parties and open-air festivals. With deep tribal rhythms, ethnic influences, soft grooves and esoteric soundscapes, he grasps mind and body and sends 'm off for a beautiful journey into the innerverse This man truly has all the necessary all-round qualities in many electronic music styles needed, thus being able to deliver what's in demand at the very matter what, when and where it is.

For the past 6 years he has been running his own record label Mind Funk Records, in the very beginning in corporation with Inpsyde Media from Italy. Later on they both went their own ways and Shawnodese has been running the label on his own ever since, although things would have never been possible without the help of many great friends and artists. So far Mind Funk did launch 4 storming releases, which are:

- [MFR 001] - V/A - "Twilight Twisters" - Compiled by DJ Shawnodese [2005]
- [MFR 002] - V/A - "Complex Cosmic Creation" - Compiled by DJ Shawnodese & DJ Paradigm [2006]
- [MFR 003] - Stereographic vs. Smoke Ship - "Audio Acupuncture" Split Album [2009]
- [MFR 004] - V/A - “Italian Instigators – Part 01” - Compiled by DJ Shawnodese [2010]

After these 2 releases the label has been on hold majorly due to the collapsing cd-market and for personal health issues that needed attention. This asked for a proper break and new strategies and after a well deserved break Mind Funk is back since 2009 and is bound to stay. Lots more releases are being planned and prepared at this very moment, of which some of them are:

- [MFR 005] - Assault Junkies vs. Peace Ka - “Persistent Psychedelic Particles” Split Album [2011]
- [MFR 006] - V/A - Ballistic Brain Benders - Compiled by Mr. Madness [2011]
- [MFR 007] - Fobi - “Funky Fragmented Frequencies” Artist Album [2011]
- [MFR 008] - V/A - “Subsonic Shawnorobics” - Compiled by DJ Shawnodese [2011]
- [MFR 009] - Random - “United Universes” Artist Album [2011]
- [MFR 010] V/A - “Disobedient Dissidents” - Compiled by Civil Disobedients [2011]
- [MFR 011] V/A - “Italian Instigators – Part 02” - Compiled by DJ Shawnodese [2012]

Apart from running his own label Mind Funk Records, Shawnodese has been representing many major labels worldwide, of which the most well known names are Maia Records from Mexico (2002-2005) and Doof Records (2008-2010) from Israel. Nowadays he's decided to focus mainly on his own label Mind Funk Records, simply 'cause it's the only label that truly represents his very specific sound he's known for so well nowadays. So....if you haven't had the pleasure of listening to one of his sets yet on one of the many parties and festivals he's been playing worldwide, then this is a DJ that you might wanna look out for in the near future....

Major Bookings & Best Gigs:

Antaris Project - [Germany 1999/2000/2001/2002/2005/2009]
Bom Voyage – Queensday Party – [Holland 2009]
Boom Festival - [Portugal 2006]
Earthdance & Megavonts - [Brasil 2002]
Earthdance - [Holland 1997/1998/1999/2003]
Excalibur - [Germany 2001]
Full Moon Festival - [Germany 2002/2003/2004/2006]
Ozora Festival - [Hungary 2005]
Psychedelic Circus – [Germany 2009]
Return to the Source - 5th Anniversairy Open Air Festival - [Germany 2000]
Rezonance - [NYE - South-Africa 2007-2008]
Skarabaeus - [Switzerland 2003]
Spacehopper & Trance Mission - [United Kingdom 2001]
Sounds of Sanity - [Mexico 2004]
Sylvan Dawn – [Canada 2010]
Universo Paralello - [Brazil 2002]
U.W.O.G - 4 - [Croatia 2006]
VuuV - The Transformation - [Germany 2007]
Wonderland - [Germany 2004]
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Number of posts : 4

DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: DJ Shawnodese [Mind Funk Records]   Mon 31 Jan - 16:19

Some mixes for those who're interested on:
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DJ Shawnodese [Mind Funk Records]

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