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 NEW - Mixing for beginners and Intermediates video course

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: NEW - Mixing for beginners and Intermediates video course   Wed 5 Jan - 2:45

Hi Guys,

I have created a new video course called "Mixing for beginners to intermediates" - full etails and the promo video below.

Video 1: Basic Preliminary Mix
Volume: Basic Level Mix

  1. Drums
  2. Kick & Bass
  3. Re-Adjust other drums if needed after Kick & Bass
  4. Percussion mixed to Drums & Bass
  5. Leads to Leads
  6. Leads to Kick & Bass, Percussion and Drums
  7. Pads/Backgrounds to Leads, Drums, Bass and Percussion
  8. SFX (if any) to everything else.

Panning: Initial Pan Settings

  1. Drums
  2. Kick & Bass
  3. Percussion
  4. Leads
  5. Pads/Backgrounds
  6. SFX (if any)

Video 2: Setting up Groups & Sends

  1. Kick & Bass Group
  2. High/Low Cut groups
  3. Drums & Percussion Groups


  1. General Purpose - Large Reverb (example)
  2. General Purpose Small Reverb (example)
  3. General Purpose Large Delay (example)
  4. General Purpose Small Delay (example)

Video 3: Basic EQ

  1. Explanation of the frequency range (20Hz 20,000KHz)
  2. Frequency, Gain and Q Knobs
  3. Low Cut, High Cut, Low Shelf, Hi Shelf, Bell
  4. Roll Off
  5. Explanation of different frequency ranges

Video 4: Advanced EQ

  1. Explanation of Frequency (numbers) to Pitch (letters) relationship
  2. Explanation on how to check individual sounds EQ
  3. Explanation on how to check sounds in relationship to each other

    • This includes checking for Muddiness, Irritation in the Mid ranges and
      checking whether or not sounds are bright enough (where appropriate)
    • Explanation on how to find frequencies to cut or boost
    • How to do A/B comparisons

Video 5: Compression

  1. Explanation of a compressors function
  2. Threshold and Ratio basics
  3. Attack, Release and Make-up Basic
  4. Basic beginner or safe compression settings
  5. Group Buss compression (Kick & Bass)
  6. Gate and Compression working together
  7. Over compression and Pumping
For Full Details click here - Soundmagus Mixing Course

Video Tutorials and Music Production video check out
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PostSubject: Re: NEW - Mixing for beginners and Intermediates video course   Wed 23 Nov - 19:14

Yeah, really great! I started mixing just a while ago and really need some help to change for the better!
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NEW - Mixing for beginners and Intermediates video course

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