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 Online mastering

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Online mastering   Fri 31 Dec - 22:20

Hi everyone, new to the forum here and have always been into psytrance and Goa trance music, I run a small mastering studio in London and offer free previews for mastering and Online Mastering
CD mastering and audio mastering are my speciality

No obligation just my time for free, I wish everyone a happy new year.

Best regards
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Number of posts : 10

DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: Online mastering   Fri 6 May - 12:43

I would actually give them a miss considering they cannot even contribute to the forum and just post an advert, lol.

Anyway if you are planning to either send for pro mastering of if you are self mastering consider the following when you export from your DAW:

1)Export at 24bit resolution.
2)Remove the limiter from the master bus (ME will get level back with more punch)
3)Check to ensure that there is no clipping since you removed the limiter.

If you are doing your own self finalizing do it with fresh ears on a seperate day from your mxing.

cheers and all the best with your music making !

SafeandSound Mastering
online mastering

SafeandSound Mastering
online mastering
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Online mastering

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