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 Spirt - introducing myself

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PostSubject: Spirt - introducing myself    Wed 7 Jul - 14:50

Hello, I am Spirt.

Well, I am a Russian-born Israeli psytrance artist, focusing mainly on Darkpsy, after discovering it and making
the first steps in producing it in late 2006.

My musical goal is to bring my ideas and concepts to life using psytrance, just as a painter expresses his ideas through his drawings.
I find that music is a great medium to deliver feelings and it's a much fun to make.

All my currently released tracks are from 2010, after making an effort in improving my sounds and working processes.

My style is more melodic than usual and has some melodic twists and surprises. I like synths Smile
I am working in FL Studio (since 3.5).

All of my tracks (hosted on SoundCloud)

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for your time
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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: Spirt - introducing myself    Fri 16 Jul - 11:07

Hello Sprit.
Welcome to Trance Moon Forum.
Nice Tracks, very experimental but sound good.
Its a kind of light Darkness.
I new approach !?

Nice one

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PostSubject: Re: Spirt - introducing myself    Fri 16 Jul - 15:25

Thank you very much Smile

Yeah, it can be called lighter darkness Smile, maybe because it's more melodic and different from what we are used to on most current mixes and releases, sometimes I call it "twisted". I don't know if that's a new approach, but I can only state that it's my own approach hehe. I put an effort to make my imprint into my tracks - my sound signature. I'm not that "pure", actually I do get inspired by other talented Darkpsy musicians, but yet I try to keep myself in my tracks Smile

Glad you've enjoyed it,
hope I won't drive out of creative fuel hehe Smile

Have great time!
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PostSubject: Re: Spirt - introducing myself    

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Spirt - introducing myself

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