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 Lua Records Interview at Kikked Magazine - Read here

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Lua Records Interview at Kikked Magazine - Read here   Wed 5 May - 15:01

Exclusive interview from Lua Records to Kikked Magazine.
Read about the Ideology behind the Trilogy, VA/ Deep Trip.
Turn on, Tune in, Drop out, is not one more Compilation,
is a important message about social live and its about you !

Name: Fred
Label: Lua Records
Country: Portugal / UK

* Can you describe the concept behind the Deep Trip trilogy ?
This Trilogy is a tribute to Dr. Timothy Leary. The concept behind is to spread
awareness of an idea that is of interest to all of us. Is the exposure of a single
ideology that can change the whole society. Its a simple message:
If we have the right to vote for a president, we should have a right of vote for any decision made by them.

* The trilogy includes contributions from a large number of artists. How long did the project take to complete ?
Took me one year to make all the trilogy. I was not in a rush and I had something in mind, so I took my time to
be sure everything was fine.

* You mention Timothy Leary's philosophy (not just as an LSD guru but also a philosopher and free thinker). Do you see these roles as being separate or were they more closely linked ?
LSD opens minds but doesn't mean it is the inspiration of the free thinkers or philosophers. Many people know Timothy Leary as a LSD guru but he was an activist too. He was the one who stood up and faced the consequences of his actions in the name of all of us. Not just on LSD but on social and spiritual level.

* Do you think the trance scene owes a debt to Timothy Leary ? (in that he influenced it in a big way ?)
He was a big influence of the psychedelic movement in the 60s and still influences the new psychedelic scene.
He probably left some influences like Albert Hoffman did but I don't say, we owe something to them. They are just icons of a new generation.

* Do you think this influence also crossed over into other areas of art, e.g. film or computer graphics ?
Psychedelic influences are everywhere and now they are stronger. Is 3D a psychedelic influence ? Are fluor colours a psychedelic influence ? Giger, Dali and Picasso are pure hallucination ! Federico Fellini was a surrealist. Before the discovery of LSD the Mexican Tribes had peyote and the American Indians was doing Tribal rituals with mushrooms. They are the real psychedelic influence. Just look around you.

* Do you think Timothy Leary's message is as relevant today as it was in the 60's ?
Yes ! If we listen to Timothy Leary's speech in the 60s about government, you will notice very little has changed since then but all depends of your point of view. For example, if you really believe the rules and regulations imposed by governments are for our own good, maybe you don't agree with me. Its not a case of conspiracy theory but is more a case of a reality check !

* How would you define "freedom" in today's society ?
Under control. You are free to do what they tell you... Just !

* How do you feel the making of the trilogy went ?
Very well. Of course I have some delays but that was not a big issue. There were many people involved in this Trilogy, Graphic artists, Mastering engineers and the artists himself, they are all busy people and not always the things are ready at the right time. On other hand, I didn't want to rush no one, I wanted the things to be made in the right way and to give them space to work in the most pleasant way, for I can get then get the work in the best way too.

* What other artists is Lua Records working with at the moment ?
At the moment Lua Records is in standby. I still have music producers contacting me to participate in more compilations but for now, I want to rewind and make a deep analysis of all the work. The only thing in my agenda at the moment is a video that is being produced by VJ Sub ( He is doing a 40 minutes video about the trilogy.

* How has the Internet and social media changed your work as a record label ?
Internet and social media changes the work of any artist but in my case, I see this change as an open door not just to spread music around the world but to spread a message too. I think this open door gives access to a majority of listeners, so in this case, is better to use it with some sense and spread some useful information instead of just fill the space with unreal topics that don't make any impact in our social lives. If I do, I do it for real !

* Where can you see the label developing in the future ?
I hope in virgin soil. At the moment Lua Records is totally directed for Psychedelic Music but for me, making the same thing for the rest of my life means no evolution ! In this line of thoughts, I can say Lua Records will have a transformation at some point, not an ideologic point of view, but on a musical point of view. I always look for new music whatever style comes in. Anyway, I will keep it as an electronic music label, whatever that can mean, Psytrance, Industrial, Experimental or any other style but always, electronic music with a message.

* Is Lua Records connected to Trancemoon Radio or are they separate entities ?
Lua Records was born from Trance Moon Radio. They are connected by some music style but like everything, both have their own personality and I didn't want to castrate Lua Records. For a start, Lua Records was there to edit new artists coming to Trance Moon asking for exposure but I have other plans for Lua Records, one of them was to promote a personal ideology, the other one is versatility to change the music direction if I want to. The same can not happen with the Trance Moon radios. Trance Moon is an established Radio network directed only to Psy Trance and Dark Psychedelic music. I would say, Trance Moon Radio works for a community and Lua Records is my personal project.

* How can people find out more about Lua Records and Trancemoon?
By visiting the websites and listen the music. I have been working on these projects for 6 years and they are all over the web, is an extensive list, websites, forum, blogs, networks and friends.
Here some of the most active at the moment:
Trance Moon Radios (x2 websites)
Trance Moon Forum
Trance Moon myspace
Trance Moon Twitter
Trance Moon Facebook
Lua Records
Lua Records myspace

* Any parting messages ?
Yes , party hard and be happy Smile

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DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: Lua Records Interview at Kikked Magazine - Read here   Wed 5 May - 18:08

Great interview.. Smile
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Number of posts : 91

DJ Bag
Style: Psychedelic

PostSubject: Re: Lua Records Interview at Kikked Magazine - Read here   Thu 6 May - 10:09

This is not just a Interview, its a message to everyone.
You can read the magazine on line too:

Or buy the PDF file with extra downloads here:
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PostSubject: Re: Lua Records Interview at Kikked Magazine - Read here   

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Lua Records Interview at Kikked Magazine - Read here

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